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Design Ideas to Create the Most Soothing Bathroom Design – Part I

Design Ideas to Create the Most Soothing Bathroom Design – Part I ⇒ The Bathroom is one of the most important disivions of a home, and so, one must be extra careful when decorating it, because it a space that needs to be soothing and relaxing as well as offering the utmost levels of privacy and comfort. Consequently, Luxury Bathrooms will display a series of interior design tips, in a three-part article, that will hopefully help you achieve the most soothing bathroom design possible, and ultimately, spruce up the interiors of your luxury bathroom.


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#1 – Opting for a Geometric Look


Design Tips to Create the Most Soothing Bathroom Design - Part I
Image Credit to Dustin Halleck


A bathroom with a geometric or patterned look will give it dimension and style. For example, this bathroom set designed by SuzAnn Kletzian features a wide variety of exquisite elements, including a statement-making floor which complements its overall design. Plus, black and white are the colors of choice for this sort of look.


#2 – Blue and White with an Aesthetic Touch


design tips to create the most soothing bathrom design
Image Credit to David A. Lang


This bathroom set is dressed in three Schumacher wallpapers that are absolutely stunning and will increase the aesthetic value of your bathroom. Besides black, white also combines perfectly with blue, so here’s another option.


#3 – For a Bolder Look, Opt for An Eclectic Bathroom with Strong Colors


design tips to create soothing bathroom design 3
Image Credit to Maura Mcevoy


Designer Colleen Bashaw decorated this bathroom with a Peonies wallpaper by Brett Design which turns this bathroom into a very special space. The combination of pink from the wallpaper with the vintage brass console as well as the custom backsplash is everything, not to mention the peculiar mirror.


#4 – Glam Everything Up in a Sublte Yet Empowering Way


bathroom design
Image Credit to Franceso Lagnese


For luxury seekers this is the perfect tip, because you want everything to be as glamorous possible, from the type of wallpaper to the chandelier, and so on. For instance, this master bathroom designed by Suzannes Kasler features a Boussac’s Tarantelle wallpaper, a floral on a platinum ground and a Vaughan chandelier.


#5 – Mix a Cobalt Blue Tone with Hexagonal Tiles


Design Tips to Create the Most Soothing Bathroom Design - Part I 5
Image Credit to David Tsay


Cobalt Blue is an extremely inspiring and adptable tone. When matched with hexagonal tiles, the end result is a masterpiece as you can see by this Justina Blakeney’s set. The Tiles are by Fireclay Tile.


#6 – A Minimalist bathroom design is a step in the right direction to relax


Design Tips to Create the Most Soothing Bathroom Design - Part I-6
Image Credit to Paul Raeside


Amy Lau designed this sleek and minimalist bathroom without going overboard on design elements while also mainting a luxurious touch with statement pieces, such as the Wetstyle tub.


#7 – Add a bit of Sea Essence by adding a Playful Wallpaper


This astonshing bathroom highlights a spectacular wallpaper by Fornasetti for Cole & Son, which adds a playful and Bahamian touch.


#8 – Don’t Undermine the Importance of Decorating Your Bathroom Walls


Design Tips to Create the Most Soothing Bathroom Design - Part I-9
Image Credit to Stephen Kent Johnson


This bathroom design features a Robert Crowder & Co. marbleized wallpaper and a vintage Egon Hillebrand mirror which ultimately give a vintage look to this bathroom.


#9 – Nothing Says Soothing Like a Monochromatic Palette


Design Tips to Create the Most Soothing Bathroom Design - Part I - 10
Image Credit to Maura Mcevoy


This bathroom with a Monochromatic palette almost seems to be a spa. It includes stunning designs like Signature Hardware’s Claire bathtub, the Kohler’s Pinstripe fixtures and Cole & Son’s Palm Leaves wallpaper.


#10 – Say Yes to Marble


Design Tips to Create the Most Soothing Bathroom Design - Part I - 12
Image Credit to Laura Resen


Designed by Ray Booth and Elizabeth Kennedy, this master bathrooms features stunning marble sinks from Kohler.


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Source: House Beautiful


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