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Be Amazed by the Stainless Steel Bathroom Accessories of Fir.Italia

The exquisite Italian brand, Fir. Italia has recently launched a new generation of bathroom accessories in AISI 316L stainless steel that feature tremendous attention to detail and an ultra-minimalist design. Fir. Italia has, for over 60 years, been one of the best manufacturers in the field when it comes to designing taps and mixers, and today, Luxury Bathrooms will showcase some of the brand’s latest novelties.


Be Amazed by the Stainless Steel Bathroom Accessories of Fir.Italia 3



Designed by Francesco Lucchese, the PlaySteel® collection is exclusively dedicated to all of those that are passionate about details. It has gained form through a new ultra-minimalist concept that takes advantage of the stainless steel peculiarities to create extreme shapes and thicknesses.






LifeSteel® evokes the aesthetic precepts of PlaySteel®, bringing the means of functionality and beauty together. However, this time around it highlights a substantial variation as the handle becomes a particularly proportioned and ergonomic cylindrical element, in a lateral position. This allows for the exposition of the water spout and for a much more aesthetic and clean design.



Furthermore, the side handle is characterized by the vertical element that guarantees excellent operating functionality, even with wet hands. A design detail conceived to match with the mixer body in the best way: visually it perfectly matches the water spout in height.



The mixers of the PlaySteel® and LifeSteel® collections are strictly 100% Made in Italy. They are produced from a full block of steel, from which the material is hollowed out according to techniques recalling the craftsmanship a bar, that is, from carrying out on blocks of marble or solid wood. This leads to a mixer that consists of a single piece without the need to have any other assembled elements.



This new collection is further enhanced by ShowerSteel, a complete range of wall and ceiling-mounted or built-in shower heads. These can either have a round or squared form, with rain or multifunction jets and chromotherapy system as well as shower body sprays and cascade waterspouts.



As a whole, Fir. Italia offers complete item collections inspired by a concept able to develop an ideal and emotional dimension of the living environments, where the senses regain their natural origin through the functionality, comfort and beauty of the elements, which make it up.


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Source/Credits: Fir. Italia

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