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Bathroom Design Trends: Green and Black Bathrooms to Astonish

Bathroom Design Trends are a fruitful topic, especially if you are in need of inspiration for your bathroom design. The focus of this article will be green and black luxury bathrooms that will definitely incite an emotion on the onlooker! Let’s dive in, shall we?

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Bathroom Design Trends: Green Bathrooms

Stunning and evocative of the great outdoors, these bathrooms are a real inspiration for your bathroom designs! One of the Bathroom Design Trends to look out for, green bathrooms are more and more usual. Be inspired by these designs!


Bathroom-Design-Trends-Green-and-Black-Bathrooms-to-Astonish- Green-Closet-with-black-bench-and-round-mirror

A stunning design, this bathroom area combines the two colors we are going to highlight. Using a green and golden marble surface in the entire area, except for a contrasting wall, this space is extremely luxurious. Displaying the Stilleto Bench by Maison Valentina, this bathroom space truly is inspiring.



A small bathroom but still a luxury design, this small bathroom goes heavy on the green tiling but still chooses to incorporate golden in the design. Golden Hardware and Green tiling are a perfect match, one that makes this bathroom a relaxing space.



A much more subdued shade, this bathroom uses green, pastel marble to create a soothing and airy design, perfect for your guilt-free relaxation moments.



Displaying greenery, the focus of this bathroom design is the furniture. The green rug, the Agatha Rug by Rug’Soceity, adds a unique green element, that mixes perfectly with the rugged surface of the bathroom walls. Still a design with green, this bathroom really is amazing!

Bathroom Design Trends: Black Bathrooms

Sleek and elegant, black bathrooms are always the luxury private retreat you need and deserve in your house design. A bathroom design trend that has been around for ages, black bathrooms are always a relaxing space.



This gorgeous bathroom design manages to, also, incorporate green and black together. A stunning creation, this bathroom displays the Darian Bathtub, an upholstered item that confers the space smoothness and luxury.



This powder room displays a black wall, which contrasts the white bathroom furniture beautifully! A small but stunning bathroom design, this is a powder room you want to relax in!


Bathroom Design Trends Green and Black Bathrooms to Astonish black furniture, white marble surface and oval mirror

A unique design, this bathroom displays black walls, that are contrasted with the white tiling surface. The black furniture pairs marvelously with the golden details of the twin mirrors and the taps. A functional yet soothing design!


Bathroom Design Trends Green and Black Bathrooms to Astonish dark and moody bathroom with white cabinet

This unique design of a powder room is also a moody and dark creation! Displaying an entirely black surface wall, this bathroom exhibits all white furniture to contrast it. Along with the statement flooring and the unique lighting choice, this is a marvelous space!


Bathroom Design Trends Green and Black Bathrooms to Astonish oval mirror and bathtub

A luxurious design, this bathroom displays the Shield Oval Mirror and the Newton Bathtub by Maison Valentina. A stunning bathroom interior, this black bathroom also makes use of an all-black marble surface to create a moody interior from which the golden details beautifully stand out.


Bathroom Design Trends Green and Black Bathrooms to Astonish wood and marble bathroom

A relaxing bathroom interior, this design is stunning. Displaying all black walls and surfaces, this bathroom incorporates wooden elements to brighten up the room. A wooden bathtub and wooden suspension cabinets contrast beautifully, while the natural light that floods the room makes this a joyful space.

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