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Bathrooms That Impress: Sergey Makhno And His Stylish Designs

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Sergey Makhno has been designing unique projects since 2003, intertwining Ukranian tradition and trends with concepts like the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, the forces of nature, human talent and architectural mind. Having developed over 600 projects in 21 countries, their incredible portfolio is one that will surely impress you, as such we have gathered some of their bathrooms designed to be stylish, cosy, and utterly sophisticated.


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Mazanka House

Mazanka, an apartment located in a skyscraper in Kyiv with a dazzling view onto the Dnipro river is based on the concept of мазанка (mazanka), that is essentially a small village house built of wood, clay, and reeds. As such, much of the walls of the apartment were designed to feel like they were made of clay, and that is also reflected in the walls of the incredibly fancy and utterly functional bathroom.



Mazanka apartment is a step forward in design evolution and provides one of the best bathrooms one can imagine. Filled with simplicity, it perfectly contrasts with the artful wall that brings so much personality into the room.


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 A Family Penthouse in Kyiv

Sergey Makhno, with this design, brings together Japanese aesthetics with the tradition of his country in this stunning penthouse apartment that he has designed for him and his family to live in.


The apartment was awarded a carefully designed interior that contrasts perfectly with the concrete skyscrapers outside its windows. The walls were finished with clay in a technique used for old Ukrainian houses, while the rough wooden beams that support the ceiling and doorways are another rustic reference. Contemporary and dazzling, the bathrooms were given an open concept feel that allows them to shine bright among other house chambers.


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Covet House Boca do Lobo Luxxu Maison Valentina PullCast Circu



Vatra (In Ukrainian ватра) — is a guardian fire. it is a symbol of warmth and home, and that is exactly what Sergey tried to accomplish with this ambitious design that mixes the cosiness of home with the relaxed feel of the sauna and spa.


Vatra is a family house, and this design is hoping to allow for incredible memories to be created and developed as the years go by inside this magnificent house. Truly one of the houses to boast the most unique bathrooms in the world.



YOGO Apartment

This apartment was a project based on a complex redevelopment: it was necessary to unite three radius apartments into one combined apartment that would not look like a half-moon. And of course, the final result is nothing short of amazing, boasting fabulous bathrooms.


The bathrooms were styled with a contemporary look, that not only awarded it a modern feel, but also a functionality that is unlike anything we have ever seen. The grey marble look also offers the apartment a uniquely sophisticated appearance that will impress everyone.


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A Minimalist residence that will dedicate its life to the reflection of nature

This beautiful house consists of two identical parts, over a dazzling landscape and boasting incredibly designed beautiful bathrooms that will leave you in awe upon sight.


The construction of the project took 3 years and grew into a real chain of incredibly audacious decisions.
The principal decision was to order the material from a Ukrainian manufacturer and the interior of the home was intended to award each room with a minimalistic, contemporary bathroom that is exploding with uniqueness and refinement.



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