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Bathtubs To Enjoy Your Relax Moments

Bathtubs are an essential element in your personal oasis. They are a distinctive way to relax and take your time in your private retreat. As a centerpiece or near a window, bathtubs are the perfect way to enjoy the peace and quiet times after a rushy and loud day.

Bathtubs That Will Make You Stay

Bathtubs make you stay in your personal refuge. They are a sophisticated and comfortable way to reconnect with your sensations, and a way to personalize your luxury bathroom. Your bathtub can really reflect your wants and needs. Are you ready to discover marvelous and detailed bathtubs that will make you stay in your modern bathroom?

Darian Bathtub

Bathtubs To Enjoy Your Relax Moments Darian Bathtub Black Leather Tortoise Mirror

Inspired by the Persian King Darius, the Darian Bathtub was carefully assembled with detailed production techniques and materials. Customizable, this is a bold and aesthetic bathtub constituted by a cluster of gold-plated brass bars and a black leather structure. This bathtub is a clear statement to have in your bathroom decor, as well as a splendid way to relax and enjoy calm times.

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Koi Bathtub

Bathtubs To Enjoy Your Relax Moments Koi Bathtubs Golden Details Koi Washbasin

With scales patterns inspiriting the Japanese Koi carp, this iron tub has an oval shape and a curved lip that are an astonishing way to enjoy your relaxing moments. This Koi Bathtub was created with emotions and passion so you can take your time in your personal refuge. This is really the moment to take a deep breath and reconnect.

Bathtubs To Enjoy Your Relax Moments Koi Bathtub Product Image Detail


Symphony Bathtub

Bathtubs To Enjoy Your Relax Moments Symphony Bathtubs Golden Pipes

The Symphony Bathtub is an astonishing element for your bathroom decor. Symbolizing the organ pipe tubs and the violin curves, this bathtub carries as much love as music. With the glamour touch of the gold-plated brass tubes, this is a high-end design to make you connect with the harmonies of your soul and body in your private oasis.

Lapiaz Bathtub

Bathtubs To Enjoy Your Relax Moments Lapiaz Bathtubs with Naicca Suspension Lamp

The karst formations originated from the limestone dissolution are the inspiration for this marvelous Lapiaz Bathtub. The gold-painted tear interior is contrasting with the reflection effect of the stainless steel, and the sophisticatedness and finesse are reached in your bathroom furniture. This bathtub is really an affirmation of your luxury bathroom interior design, and the perfect relaxation spot to be.

Bathtubs To Enjoy Your Relax Moments Lapiaz Bathtub Product Detail Image

Petra Bathtub

Bathtubs To Enjoy Your Relax Moments Petra Bathtub and Ella Puff Luxury Bathroom

The combination between marble and wood and the spirit of the city of Petra resulted in this unique and splendid bathtub. A delightful addition to any bathroom decor, the Petra Bathtub is an exquisite look and a comfy way to be in your personal oasis.

Diamond Faux Marble Bathtub

Bathtubs To Enjoy Your Relax Moments Diamond Faux Marble Bathtub White Window View

The Diamond Faux Marble Bathtub is a sculptural design that makes finesse and glamour bloom in your luxury bathroom. An artsy high-end design to relax in your self-indulgence moments, this bathtub is such an item of exclusive detailed bathroom furniture.

Newton Bathtub

Bathtubs To Enjoy Your Relax Moments Newton Bathtub Black and Gold Spheres

With a curved lip style shape for never-ending times of relaxation, this Newton Bathtub is made out of gold-painted casted iron with high-gloss black and gold lacquered spheres. A combination of art and comfort, this bathroom furniture is a highlight in your luxury bathroom.

Bathtubs are such a stunning bathroom decor idea that provides the spa feeling to any luxury bathroom. The relaxation moments you desire are really possible with splendid handcrafted vanities.

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