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The Best of KBIS Awards 2020

The Best of KBIS Awards are considered one of the industry’s most prestigious awards, acknowledging the most creative and innovative kitchen and bathroom products of the year. The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) assigns these awards annually at the show.

This year’s KBIS took place at the Last Vegas Convention Center from January 21st until January 30th. “Each year our exhibitors raise the bar with amazing new kitchen and bath product designs and innovations that transform how we live in our homes,” said, Amy Hornby, KBIS show director. “The Best of KBIS Awards is a measure of excellence for the industry, showcasing the ‘best of the best’ and we can’t wait to see what’s new for 2020.”

The KBIS 2020 Awards included Gold and Silver for Kitchen, as well as Bathroom, Outdoor Living, Technology, Best in Show and the judge’s choice award: The Impact Award.

The Best of KBIS Awards

Kitchen Gold: Plum by Plum

the best of kbisthe best of kbisPlum is the perfect sophisticated solution for all wine lovers out there. Plum is a fully automated kitchen appliance that allows you to flawlessly preserve and chill your wine so it can be enjoyed one glass at a time. Plum’s motorized needle pierces through any cork or metal screw cap and the refillable argon canister preserves up to 150 bottles, preserving each wine variety to its perfect serving temperature. Plum’s brushed stainless-steel exterior and tubing are fashioned after those utilized in wineries in order to protect the integrity of the wine.

Inside the appliance itself, each wine bottle rests in an opulent illuminated chamber that emulates the staves of a wine barrel. Plum’s sleek outer shell curves give it a timeless look in a black and silver colour scheme that seamlessly fits into any kitchen.

Plum also features a 7-inch full colour touchscreen that lights up as you approach, displaying the wine labels and letting you serve a glass or just a taste.

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Bath Gold: UltraFresh Front Load Washer by GE Appliances

the best of kbisThis smart washer holds a full 50oz bottle of detergent – or about 32 loads – and automatically dispenses the perfect amount based on the weight and material of the load placed on the washer in order to save time and detergent. The washer removes excess moisture by eliminating residual water – GE Appliances has developed an innovative wider gasket that drains leftover water after your wash load, which ultimately helps reduce bacteria growth. Its revolutionary new airflow allows you to shut the doors without worrying about bad odours.

Kitchen Silver: Miele G7000 Dishwasher by Miele Inc

the best of kbis

Miele’s G7000 Dishwasher was the first dishwasher in the market, worldwide, with the automatic dispensing system AutoDos with PowerDisk that automatically dispenses detergent during cycles. This dishwasher allows three detergent options: Liquid, powder or giant hockey puck. The PowderDisk is 15 centimeters wide and four centimeters thick and contains a powder and rinse aid, dispensing 7 grams of detergent each time it rotates during a cleaning cycle, hopefully reducing the amount of detergent you use during each cycle.

Some G700 models also include built-in Wi-Fi which will let you start and stop the dishwasher from your phone and will also offer reminders when you’re almost out of detergent, directing you to the Miele’s app where you can order more. Other features you might find include a color display and an AutoStart function, so you schedule your cleaning cycles.

Bath Silver: DUW Series – Wall Recessed Linear Floor Drain by Drains Unlimitedthe best of KBIS

Drains Unlimited linear drains are the ideal choice for any luxury walk-in shower installation. With a wide range of styles, sizes and custom configurations to allow you to customise your own drain. Drains Unlimited drains blend seamlessly into their surroundings, conserving your shower’s individual beauty. This recessed linear drain designed to be wall mounted with a nearly invisible profile. The Wall Recessed Linear Floor Drain is the most hygienic linear drain available – this innovative design makes the Linear Floor Drain easy for builders to install and easy for homeowners to clean and maintain.

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Technology: U by Moen Smart Faucet by Moen

the best of kbis

The U by Moen Smart Faucet offers convenience, precision and intuitive voice-activation technology which will help you complete your daily tasks in the kitchen. You can control your faucet in four different ways: through voice control, wave sensor, smartphone app and, the classic, handle. The voice control allows users to start and stop water flow as well as perform specific tasks on command through their digital voice assistant. The wave sensor positioned at the front of the faucet turns water on or off with a simple hand movement. The smartphone app allows users to set unlimited customised presets or start and stop water delivery with the push of a button. The handle on the side of the faucet allows you, as you might expect, to operate the faucet manually.

Outdoor living: Kalamazoo Shokunin Kamado Grill by Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet

The Shokunin incorporates time-honoured elements of the traditional Kamado, and innovative new design features for greater cooking flexibility and ease. The grill body depth has been created to generate gentler, even heat for smoking. The rectangular shape is ideal for cooking with an offset fire, and four strategically placed shutters provide more precise temperature control.

Impact Award: Rainfinity by Hansgrohe

the best of kbis
the best of kbis

Hansgrohe defines Rainfinity as “the ultimate shower indulgence”, and it’s really no wonder why. This innovative shower provides wellness and design lovers with a deep relaxation experience. The jet, PowderRain, makes for a sumptuous shower experience, as it disperses ultra-soft micro-droplets in differing intensities, not forgetting the arched spray discs, with a new outlet design, that make this “cocooning” experience possible. The Rainfinity allows you to dance in the rain in the comfort and warmth of your own home – if that’s not dreamy, what is?

The Rainfinity is not only a relaxation experience, it is a visual one as well. The sleek design and modern colour finishes make this a stand out shower head, accompanied by a head-turning shower pipe. The large overhead and hand showers have also been designed to add extra cosiness to the bathroom.

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