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Cersaie 2019 – Everything About The Famous Bathroom Exhibit

Maison Valentina Lapiaz Freestanding

Cersaie 2019 theme is all about bespoke bathroom projects inspired by famous personalities loved by the public! Hosted in the beautiful city of Bologna, Italy, from September 23rd to the 27ththis incredible design event will show you the latest bathroom trends and the best bathroom vanities for your design project! For this year themed exhibition the Cersaie‘s organization team has decided to choose some of the best personalities in the celebrity world, that have stood out in their various fields (art, culture, science, music or cinema), to be the main inspiration sources for creative bathroom projects.

Presented by art critic, Philippe Daveriohe, this exhibition will be an ironic, fun and irreverent event that will arouse the curiosity of visitors, while the wide range of product offerings will offer many ideas to be inspired. The focus of the exhibition will be companies and their products of timeless and high-quality design. Cersaie‘s famous baths exhibit will be held in a visually attractive space where each environment becomes an intimate and independent place that pays tribute to the excellence and innovative qualities of the Italian style. 

The two curators, Angelo Dall’Aglio and Davide Vercelli, have chosen a new and highly innovative exhibition model, a cross between a traditional trade fair and an art gallery where each set will show a small number of carefully selected elements. Displayed in Hall 30, this Cersaie’s Famous Bathrooms exhibition will bring a valuable vision to the contest, thanks to their unique interpretation of bathroom design inspired by personalities that have shaped history, from The Beatles to Sigmund Freud, from Coco Chanel to Piet Mondrian and from Le Corbusier to Maria Callas. Here are some incredible examples of what could be presented in this inspiring exhibition during the incredible Cersaie 2019:

#1 James Bond Bathroom Inspiration

Cersaie 2019 - Everything About The Famous Bathroom Exhibit

This incredible set surely represents one of the most iconic scenes of the James Bond movie, as you can see from the picture that stands behind it!

#2 Beatles Bathroom

Cersaie 2019 - Everything About The Famous Bathroom Exhibit

The flower power vibe that ruled the famous songs of the Beatles is truly captured in this colorful bathroom design, where the interior designer made the yellow submarine the main star!

#3 Drake’s Shiny Bathroom Design

Cersaie 2019 - Everything About The Famous Bathroom Exhibit

Besides capturing Drakes unique personality and style, this stunning bathroom design was actually designed by Kroeze for a restaurant of the Canadian rapper Drake called Pick 6ix. Characterized by the projects golden and shiny look, the main star of this luxury bathroom design is without a doubt the amazing Symphony freestanding (GET PRICE) by Maison Valentina.

#4 Black Bathroom With a Touch of Dany Boon

Cersaie 2019 - Everything About The Famous Bathroom Exhibit

This unique bathroom project was created for a famous French comedy directed and written by Dany Book, which is also the main actor in the movie. Produced by Pathé Filmes, this amazing bathroom design features one of Maison Valentina‘s incredible pieces. Chosen by Bénédicte Joffre, the Diamond bathtub (GET PRICE) became one of the biggest stars in the movie set.

#5 Bathroom Design Inspired by Degas’ art déco style

Cersaie 2019 - Everything About The Famous Bathroom Exhibit

This amazing project represents one of the biggest personalities in the art world, also known as Degas. Highlighting the beauty of some unique paintings that deserved to be in any gallery or museum, this incredible bathroom design is all about the Art Déco Style!

#6 Victoria’s Secret Glamorous Bathroom Design

Cersaie 2019 - Everything About The Famous Bathroom Exhibit

Inspired by the luxury lifestyle of the brand’s supermodels, this luxury bathroom design is located at New York City’s 5th avenue street, in the Victoria’s Secret & Pink store. Inside this exclusive store, at the VIP bathroom, there is another famous star of the luxury bathrooms world, the inspiring Symphony Washbasin (GET PRICE). This amazing bathroom vanity combines perfectly with the world’s sexiest brand!

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