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3 Classic Bathroom Design Essentials

Classic bathrooms can sometimes be looked at as something from times past. Truth is, lately, all the attention has been placed on modern design, so much so that we seem to be forgetting how romantic a classic bathroom design can be.

While we love modern bathrooms just as much as the next person, sometimes it’s paradoxically refreshing to take a look back and remember the design staples of previous eras. As such, today we’re throwing it back to when classic bathrooms didn’t even need to be called classic – they were just bathrooms – and uncovering 3 classic bathroom essentials that will help you curate that timeless look!

Marble Freestanding Bathtub




Talk about essential! No classic bathroom – not any luxurious one at least – is complete without a freestanding bathtub. The freestanding aspect of it gives it a refined glory that cannot be matched by any other tub. The marble is optional, but highly encouraged, as it is a natural and sophisticated material that just screams luxury!

The Petra Bathtub by Maison Valentina combines both of these aspects along with a glossy black wood structure, that just makes it that much more reminiscent of our typical idea of an opulent classic bathroom!

Dressing Table


A marvellous dressing table to get ready to face the modern world after a long, warm bath in your outstanding tub is an absolute must! And luckily for you, the Melrose Dressing Table looks great paired with the Petra Bathtub!

This black lacquered mahogany dressing table combines elements of classic design with a contemporary twist that allows it to be nostalgic, but not outdated. This vintage-feeling dressing table is going to be your new best friend, whether it is in your bathroom, closet, bedroom, or anywhere else your heart desires it to be!


Maison Valentina Glimmer Mirror


Luxurious Upholstery



You’ve already got a fantastic dressing table, but you can’t get ready standing up – you need some phenomenal upholstery to go with it! Upholstery is absolutely mandatory when it comes to decorating a classic bathroom. Place it by your dressing table, bathtub or washbasin and it will serve as an extra resting spot within your personal haven.

The Stiletto Stool is a great option as it has a luscious leather seat supported by incredibly elegant brass legs inspired by stiletto heels, embodying their same feminine and powerful energy all into one stool!

Now you’ve got all the classic bathroom design essentials down! However, if you feel like you’re still having trouble getting that perfect classic look, Maison Valentina has a stupendous e-book on what classic bathrooms are and how you can create one!

Download it here!

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