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CovetED: The Ultimate Interior Inspiration

In days like these, it’s easy to hit a plateau and feel uninspired. When that happens, we often need something to come along and make us snap out of our routine and embrace a new perspective, something that inspires us. That something has arrived: it is the 17th issue of the CovetED Magazine!


Along the 126 pages of this fabulous issue, you’ll come across over 300 interior inspirations that’ll make you want to transform your home into a luxury haven immediately!


Featuring the latest pieces by top design brands from all over the world, as well as dreamy showrooms and the hottest trends, CovetED is the captivating read you’ve been looking for to start getting your creative juices flowing again.

A big focus of this edition of CovetED is sustainability. In the past few years, we’ve seen an ever-growing surge in environmental awareness on the consumer’s behalf. As such, many industries have been faced with the challenge of reinventing themselves – especially fast fashion. CovetED is aware of this new and honourable concern and wants you to know how to curate a beautiful and trendy, but most of all, sustainable, home decor.



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The inspiring magazine also showcases some sustainability-related trends, such as biophilia and natural materials. The biophilia trend has been around for quite some time now. If you dissect the word, it’s easy to understand the core principle of this trend: bio means life, philia means fondness or love, hence biophilia is nothing more than the fondness of life.


This can be translated into plant arrangements or nature-inspired pieces throughout your home, and while furniture is great, if you’re going to stick to one of these options, we highly recommend the plants. Having plants around the house creates a sense of connection and freshness, that can be quite soothing and transforming at the end of a long day, making you feel renewed as soon you get to your own little urban sanctuary.



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Into the biophilia trend, ties the natural materials trend. This is no stranger to bathroom design aficionados, as natural (or “raw“) materials are quite the fan favourite. However, now more than ever, they’re shining in the spotlight, not just under the bathroom lighting, but all over the house. Whether it is marble, wood, precious metals, cotton, or any other natural material, shake what mama nature gave you and curate a homely and natural design with the help of CovetED‘s ideas.


CovetED, of course, also covers the biggest colour trends. In case you haven’t guessed it, blue takes the crown. CovetED shows you just how to incorporate this colour in the chicest way possible, so as to help you craft the colourful interiors of your dreams!

So what are you waiting for? Download the magazine here and get ready for an epiphany of great interior decor ideas!

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