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How Ferris Rafauli Masters Luxury

Ferris Rafauli is a Canadian interior designer that, over the years, has made a name for himself as the master of luxury. You may know Rafauli from projects that range from restaurants to private jets, high-end retail interiors and even cars – not glossing over, of course, residential projects.


Among said residential projects, you’ll find a, most likely, familiar face: Drake. That’s right, Ferris Rafauli is the interior designer behind Drake’s Architectural Digest featured new manor. The home, of course, is dressed in head-to-toe opulent glamour – as all Ferris Rafauli signed interiors are – and it even features one of our favourite brands, BRABBU, lighting up the bathroom walls.


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No stranger to dark settings and extensive use of marble, Rafauli is responsible for some of the most luxurious – and enviable – bathroom designs we have ever seen (and you know that’s our speciality). The designer’s unique talent when it comes to visual coherence and attention to detail allows him to transform a blank canvas into a masterpiece.


In fact, that’s exactly how Ferris Rafauli approaches his projects: as works of art. Every project tells a story, narrated by all the carefully placed elements, painting a picture of indulgence and splendour. The colours are impeccably designed pieces of furniture (some of which, by Rafauli himself) and the meticulous interior architecture, also developed by Rafauli, serves as the defining brush strokes. As a final touch, every awe-inspiring piece is framed by upper-echelon landscaping – we’ll let you guess who’s in charge of that.



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In the end, Rafauli’s projects are always worthy of vast admiration and praise – as they have been. It’s not hard to see why Rafauli has been awarded time and time again for his work and even featured in COVETED’s 100 Top Interior Designers e-book. As much as we’d like to keep a professional façade, we like to believe there’s beauty in admitting we’re starstruck, and that the next time we blow out the candles, our wish will be to live in a Ferris Rafauli designed home.

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