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3 Freestanding Washbasins You’re Going to Fall in Love With

Maison Valentina Lapiaz Freestanding

We love freestanding washbasins. Why?

Bathrooms, almost more than any other room in the house, have a huge practical aspect to them. A good bathroom should allow you to do everything you need to do – personal hygiene wise – while looking as dashing as any other division. A big part of any bathroom is, of course, the place where you wash your hands. The most common wand washing solution in luxury bathrooms is the classic washbasin. They’re big, which is traditionally what luxury is all about – going big or going home.

However, in the last few years, with the rise in popularity of minimalism both in design and in people’s lifestyle, the meaning of luxury has diverted. Now, luxury isn’t about how big something is, it’s about how it was crafted. A small, high quality piece of furniture with a unique design is considered much more luxurious than a large equivalent one with a less thought out design. And we’re perfectly on board with that!

In fact, that’s the reason we love freestanding washbasins – they’re a representation of this shift in luxury’s paradigm. The large washbasin gives up its place for a smaller, singular washbasin that stands understated, but can look infinitely more interesting and opulent. We’re sure you’d be able to find stunning freestanding washbasins on your own, but we like to make your life easier, so we’ve compiled three absolutely magnificent freestanding washbasins that are guaranteed to make any bathroom look like something straight out of your favourite interior design magazine (let us know which one it is, by the way!)


The Eden Stone Freestanding by Maison Valentina


eden stone freestanding washbasinsThe Eden Stone Freestanding by Maison Valentina is a marble version of another Maison Valentina gold plated casted aluminium Freestanding – the Eden Freestanding. Both pieces take the shape of a tree trunk, reminiscent of the paradisiacal garden of Eden (and we find both freestandings very ethereal themselves). The built-in sink also takes inspiration from nature, by having a rugged texture emulating growth rings. To the likes of most Maison Valentina’s products, this marvellous piece is customisable – you can choose whichever marble you prefer within four varieties.

The Ago185 by Antonio Lupi

freestanding washbasins

The Ago185 is elegancy in a freestanding. This marble freestanding washbasin – where you can choose between white (carrara) and black (nero marquinia) marble – features a cylindrical base that becomes increasingly narrower towards the top and, like a cherry on top, it has a perfectly circular basin with thin edges, giving this piece an extra refined look. This might just be the ultimate freestanding washbasin for those of you who fall head over heels for a minimalist bathroom.


Maison Valentina  Freestandings

The Tiberino by Cielo


3 freestanding washbasins

This perfectly cylindrical freestanding washbasin features a subtle door on its wooden or lacquered base, whichever one you like best, that opens up to plenty of storage space, where you can place all your bathroom essentials. The cabinet is topped by a ceramic shelf that serves as a base for the sink itself, a beautifully sleek rounded bowl sink. All the elements of this freestanding washbasin – the cabinet, the ceramic base and the sink – are available in a multitude of finishes and colours, allowing you to make this piece entirely your own.

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