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GDC Luxury : Bathroom Design That Evokes Emotion

GDC Luxury is a Boutique Interior Design Studio, which has made its way to the city of Milan,  after starting its career in Dubai. Full of professionalism, GDC Luxury has had the opportunity to develop versatile projects, from residential to hospitality and commercial, all showing the vision and inspiration that this studio has.

All of their projects are amazing, but in this article, we will focus on GDC Luxury Bathroom Designs. Take a look:


GDC Luxury: Bathroom Design That Evokes Emotion


If you’re looking for a Luxury Interior Design for your bathroom that takes design to a whole new level, then this Interior Design Boutique has you covered!

This first bathroom is from an Interior Design Residential Project. A bathroom where we can see the gift of nature through the brown touches and the marble sink. A perfect example of the look of a decadent luxury bathroom.


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GDC Luxury: Bathroom Design That Evokes Emotion


Simple and clean lines are the main features in this bathroom with darker tones. The natural accents surrounding the bathroom are the perfect example of one luxurious and modern Bathroom Design.


GDC Luxury: Bathroom Design That Evokes Emotion


To finishes off this article, a classic yet Luxurious Bathroom Decor. This white dressing table lends a unique decorative touch to the bathroom and its curved design is absolutely stunning, perfect to store jewels or other products.

GDC Luxury is an incredible Interior Design Studio that makes dreams come true, the epitome of luxury interiors.


Get The Look: MELROSE Dressing Table


GDC Luxury: Bathroom Design That Evokes Emotion

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Melrose Dressing Table is the materialize return of feminine refuge. Melrose is a Modern Dressing Table, with the value of reinterpreting the past and giving it a contemporary style, Melrose presents a novelty, a mirror that lets you adjust the viewing angle while rotating around a vertical axis, allowing a rotation of 360o.


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