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4 Ways To Get Decor Inspiration When You’re In a Slump

Getting inspiration can be complex at times. Especially in days like these, it can be challenging to feel creative and inspired.  However, do not fret, as we have gathered our top tips to get inspired when you’re in a slump! Here they are:


“This one brings joy”


Focus on the things that bring you joy and let them be an inspiration for you. Do you find yourself smiling unintentionally when your home smells like fresh-out-of-the-oven cookies? Then focus on creating an optimized, warm and embracing kitchen that’s always ready for cookie making and your creative juices will start to flow! Do you feel the most alive when you’re listening to your favourite records? Then splash them all over the walls! Surround yourself with what brings you joy and fresh ideas will come to you!

Create a Moodboard


This doesn’t necessarily have to be an actual moodboard (but feel free to read our article on the one above). Browse Pinterest aimlessly and you’re granted to come across pictures that just spark a creative fire inside of you. Combine them in a board and start creating an interior that echoes the common inspiration within that collection – we promise you there will be one.

Define Yourself


Finding your ideal style can be rough, after all, there are so many beautiful interiors in completely different styles, how can you choose? Luckily for you, BRABBU has cracked the code, and you can find it in their recent 2020 Interior Design Book that explores 5 different styles and how you can decorate each room of your home according to them. The best part? Right at the beginning, the book will guide you through the discovery of your ideal decor style!


Come on, Vogue!




Check out the Editor’s Pick

Flipping through a magazine is a timeless way of getting both information and inspiration. Whether it is decor focused or not, browsing through pages filled with carefully curated images is bound to make your head run wild with fascinating new ideas!

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