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Get Inspired by the Exciting Bathroom Designs of this Sydney Showroom

The leading Australian supplier Artedomus has recently launched an astounding Sydney showroom that actually features the most exciting bathroom designs ever. The showroom was designed in a unique collaboration between The Stella Collective and Thomas Coward. Now, Luxury Bathrooms will step inside the showroom to display the exquisite bathroom sets and designs, so take a look.




This new Artedomus showroom located in Art Deco building on Epsom Road has been imagined as so much more than the traditional concept of a showroom, allowing for creativity and imagination to flow naturally that is quite in sync with the essence of the high-end supplier of architectural and interior design products.



For the designers and Artedomus, the main objective of this project was to design an innovative, flexible and beautiful space while still maintaining the heritage of the building. The interiors of the showroom were inspired by old Hollywood film sets. Phil Brenton, the managing director of Artedomus, wanted a light-filled and inspirational space where designers and customers could enjoy the best of design.



“Thomas and I wanted to push going beyond a concept store and do something dramatic, but with such an exclusive product, permanence can be problematic in a retail sense,” disclosed Hana Hakim of The Stella Collective, as she adds “We came up with custom designed interchangeable screens and plinths. These then became sets to demonstrate how all the products can work together. These settings unite Artedomus’ huge collection of products that can be used as a changing landscape to keep up with the demands of Australia’s most prominent stone, tile and bathware supplier.”



As a whole, these glamorous bathroom designs have a dramatic touch to them while also displaying Artemodus’ exclusive collection of furniture and finishes.



“This showroom is our love letter to Artedomus. Their products make an amazing contribution to the reputation of Australian architecture and design, and we wanted their space to reflect that.” – The Stella Collective and Thomas Coward


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Source: Yellowtrace

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