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Venture Inside the Kaplankaya Wellness Resort by INTERNI

Kaplankaya is a beach overlooking the Aegean Sea in Turkey. Named after it is this splendid wellness resort set in an enclave currently being urbanized. The hotel follows the natural topography so as not to disturb it, which results in a dynamic structure. Due to its premium location, all the rooms in the Kaplankaya have a charming sparkling sea view.


If you’ve been looking for a place to relax, the Kaplankaya is the x that marks the spot. At the Kaplankaya Canyon Ranch Wellness Resort, you’ll be able to take the precious “me-time” you’ve been longing for. This luscious Wellness Resort, with mesmerizing ocean views, offers plenty of auxiliary programmes that’ll make your stay even more worthwhile, such as a health farm, meeting areas, etc.

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With a dashing lobby branching out in a cascade of spaces that then lead on to the restaurants, connecting areas, the garden and the beach, the lavish Kaplankaya Canyon Ranch is impeccably decorated throughout by the talented eyes and hands of the INTERNI team. INTERNI is known for its luxurious interiors, and this resort proved to be no exception.


There’s no doubt that the breathtaking landscape helps when it comes to creating an aura of relaxation and sumptuousness, but the incredible design present in the various rooms and settings of the Kaplankaya play into the fantasy as well.

In the beautifully constructed Canyon Ranch Resort, it’ll feel almost as if the stars have aligned in order to allow you to work on yourself in the most opulent way possible. Whether you simply want a time out from the stress of everyday life or if you want to improve health-wise, the extravagant spa at the Kaplankaya promises to grant all of your wishes.


By merging inspiration from Ancient Greek culture with modern influences, INTERNI managed to create a spa that feels like an oasis amidst the urban chaos we often feel overpowered by. This environment was conceived keeping in mind the intention of offering a space that allowed its guests to be immersed in a sensorial experience, designed to enhance their health and wholeness. In the words of the Canyon Ranch itself, “the spa in Kaplankaya will nurture your spirit and inspire you to achieve new levels of well-being”.


At the Kaplankaya you will be able to rejuvenate the mind and body through though-out, specialized health and wellness programmes, including indoor and outdoor fitness activities – and let’s be honest, the view makes the sweat worthwhile. So what are you waiting for?!

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