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Kelly Wearstler: The Art of Contradictory Design

The Kelly Wearstler Studio is comprised of a team of interior designers and architects committed to creating highly engaging and intricate interiors that function as a means of expression, both of the team’s creative process and the client’s tastes and overall persona.


In the studio’s words, “we believe that history and modernity, imagination and discipline, refinement and anomalies can and should coexist“. While at first these dualities might sound contradicting, but once you take a look at the studio’s projects, the sentiment behind the aforementioned statement is inevitably understood.


Often inspired by the environmental setting of the residential complex or by the owner’s own creativity, the studio tells a story through its designs. Every piece of furniture, every colour, every placement is thought out with the purpose of creating an intense ambience with a full strong personality in it of itself.


Kelly Wearstler is, above all, a big fan of detail. In Kelly Wearstler Studio’s designs, detail is the star of the show. Whether it comes in the form of mixed metals, leather, silk, ribbed fabrics, marble pieces or carpets, the studio has mastered the craft of including constellations of tiny details throughout their projects without making them feel cluttered. Instead, Kelly Wearstler‘s interiors feel perpetually interesting, as if you always have something new to analyse and fall in love with.

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In fact, Kelly Wearstler is known for her artistic perspective when it comes to interior design. By incorporating elements inspired by transformative art movements, such as cubist furniture, Wearstler manages to create daring interiors that remain exciting over time, just like a good painting.


Overall, a clear 80’s influence is noted in Kelly Wearstler‘s style, which is seamlessly merged with renaissance themes – such as the use of marble statues – and contemporary motifs, once again displaying her aptitude for contradictory, yet dazzling design.

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