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Luxury Bathrooms: 10 Vanities That Impress

Luxury Bathrooms can be transformed into a personal sanctuary that we won’t ever want to leave. From the slightest detail to the most impressive bathroom furniture, everything is possible in your bathroom design ideas. Specifically in this article, we will talk about bathroom vanities. Sometimes the centerpiece of a bathroom design can be the bathtub, for example, but another time our vanity can be also so functional and, yet, so glamorous that it’s impossible to resist.

Vanities That Impress

Luxury Bathrooms and vanities are a splendid way to make elegance and comfort flourish in our bathroom decor. A bathroom vanity is a combination of a sink, countertop, and mirror, however, it can incorporate lights, architectural styling details, built-in shelves, and so on. There is so much to explore and be inspired by to make your bathroom design an authentic personal oasis. In the following section, it will be presented 10 vanity ideas by Maison Valentina.

Luxury Bathrooms Vanities That Impress Lapiaz Washbasin Glamours Bathroom

This neutral-toned luxury bathroom with a terrazzo style inspiring it features a stunning vanity that highlights the room with its golden details. Combining the Lapiaz Single Washbasin, and the McQueen II Wall Light Mirror, exquisiteness, and comfort are assembled in this bathroom design.

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Luxury Bathrooms Vanities That Impress Symphony Washbasin Golden Details

This luxury bathroom is majestic and clearly combines a more neutral color with its dark and gold tones. Enriched by the elegance and finesse of stunning bathroom furniture like the Symphony Washbasin and the Shield Mirror, this bathroom decor is a mesmerizing blend of elements to accomplish the mission: relax!

Luxury Bathrooms Vanities That Impress Koi Single Washbasin Black Gold and White Bathroom

Black, grey, and gold are always a safe combination to assemble in a luxury bathroom. In this specific idea, the Koi Single Washbasin, the Koi Rectangular Vessel Sink, and the Glimmer Mirror are so great together. Glamour and comfort are, indeed, blooming in this bathroom design idea that mixes diverse materials in such a clever way.


Luxury Bathrooms Vanities That Impress Symphony Freestanding Black Bathroom with Golden Details

Another remarkable combination of black and gold. Sophisticated and, yet, extremely functional, this stunning luxury bathroom presents the astonishingly music-inspired Symphony Freestanding. A piece of stunning bathroom furniture to make elegance bloom in any bathroom decor.

Luxury Bathrooms Vanities That Impress Tortoise Suspension Cabinet Terrazzo Bathroom

This luxury bathroom is another terrazzo-style inspired decor. Displaying elegant and functional elements, your personal oasis is guaranteed. The combination of carefully handcrafted bathroom furniture, like the Tortoise Suspension Cabinet, the Lotus Vessel Sink, and the Cay Square Mirror is something we shouldn’t dare to miss. Refinement and a relaxing ambiance are here for us!

Luxury Bathrooms Vanities That Impress Terrazzo Bathroom Lapaiz Cabinet

Following the Italian terrazzo style, this luxury bathroom takes it to a next level. Featuring the glamorous Lapiaz Suspension Cabinet with an elegant Lagoon Vessel Sink that blends perfectly with golden accented Magma Mirror, this bathroom decor is the private refuge we need to recharge energies.

Luxury Bathrooms Vanities That Impress Metropolitan Cabinet Dark Modern Bathroom

This dark modern bathroom is blooming with coziness and warmth, featuring the classic style of the Metropolitan Washbasin, and the marvelous Koi Rectangular Vessel Sink, this bathroom decor is so inspiring and such a source of relaxation!

Luxury Bathrooms Vanities That Impress Huang Suspension Cabinet Glimmer Mirror

A splendid combination that offers an unexpected look in this luxury bathroom. This Huang Suspension Cabinet is somehow discreet but exquisite, so it’s impossible to miss it! This bathroom decor is such a splendid bathroom decor.

Luxury Bathrooms Vanities That Impress Baraka Washbasin McQueen Wall Mirror

Sophisticated and mysterious, this luxury bathroom combines the dark tones with the golden accents in an astonishing way so we can enjoy our most intimate moments. With dazzling bathroom furniture, like the stout statement of the Baraka Single Washbasin, and the glamour of the Cay Square Mirror, a marvelous ambiance is rising!

Luxury Bathrooms Vanities That Impress Eden Stone Vessel Sink Kayan Mirror

Lastly, a marble luxury bathroom. Featuring the exquisiteness and aesthetics of the Eden Stone Freestanding, and the sophisticatedness of the Kayan Mirror that highlights the bathroom design with its golden details, it’s impossible to not feel the soothing and chilling atmosphere from this bathroom vanity.

Luxury Bathrooms can really offer a sense of elegance and comfort that we never experienced. In any style or approach in your bathroom decor, the possibilities are endless to have the dreamy personal oasis.

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