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Luxury Bathrooms in White Tones and Golden Details

Luxury Bathrooms can have different approaches, it will only depend on what you desire to have. In diverse styles, materials, finishes, and colors, they can be the perfect reflection of your wants and needs. Your private oasis will be the place where you want to relax and reconnect, and in this following article, we will present some bathroom designs in white tones and golden details to inspire you in your bathroom decor.

White Tones and Golden Details

Bringing you clarity and a purifying sensation, the color white is a brilliant solution if you aim to make do feelings bloom in your bathroom design ideas. Moreover, the golden details will make the glamour, success, and illumination rise in your luxury bathroom.

Functional and Glamourous

Luxury Bathroom in White Tones and Golden Details Cay Square Mirror Tortoise Suspension Cabinet

This luxury bathroom in white tones and gold details is filled with functionality and glamour. With unbelievable high-end bathroom furniture design – like the Cay Square Mirror – refinement and comfort are ensured in this bathroom decor for you to enjoy your time of self-indulgence.

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A Classic Touch In Your Private Oasis

Luxury Bathroom in White Tones and Golden Details Crochet Washbasin and Orbis Rectangular Mirror

This modern bathroom is glowing with luxurious golden details. Featuring the Crochet Washbasin that adds a classic touch, this luxury bathroom assembles extraordinary details to make a stunning ambiance bloom. The combination between white tones and gold details is really a remarkable touch to this interior design.

An Intense Design

Luxury Bathroom in White Tones and Golden Details Darian Bathtub Light Marble Luxury Bathroom With Window View

This luxury bathroom has such a powerful design. The gold lines are an astonishing highlight blended in white tones. Filled with precious leather, intensity, and sophisticatedness this marvelous bathroom furniture from the Darian Collection makes the bathroom decor flourishe.


An Exclusive Oasis

Luxury Bathroom in White Tones and Golden Details Halo Mirror and Symphony Washbasin

A perfect luxury bathroom is assembled in this white and gold design with a touch of black. With the exclusive sensations of the Symphony Washbasin and its remarkable golden highlights, the white walls gain glamour and elegance. This is such a refuge to relax.

Cosmopolitan and Luxurious

Luxury Bathroom in White Tones and Golden Details Koi Collection Koi Bathtub Koi Washbasin

Featuring the artsy and cultural Koi Collection, this private oasis has a stunning design with a cosmopolitan vibe. Filled with white tones and the shining gold from such exquisite bathroom furniture, you won’t ever want to leave this luxury bathroom.

A Bold Statement In Your Private Retreat

Luxury Bathroom in White Tones and Golden Details Lapiaz Bathtub and Naicca Suspension Lamp

The gold tear inspired by the karst formations originated by the dissolution of limestone in the Lapiaz Bathtub is a stunning combination between a bold statement and the white softness. This modern bathroom definitely has a soothing feeling that makes you want to stay.

A Sophisticated Touch

Luxury Bathroom in White Tones and Golden Details Lapiaz Freestanding and Sapphire Mirror

With the astonishing and elegant combination between the Sapphire Mirror and the Lapiaz Freestanding, the power of gold is the real affirmation. Perfectly assembled in this white relaxing interior design, the golden highlights are a marvelous addition of glamour and elegance in this luxury bathroom.

An Extravagant and Exquisite Retreat

Luxury Bathroom in White Tones and Golden Details Sapphire Mirror Eden Freestanding

This luxury bathroom has such an extravagant look with the combination of white, gold, and a black marble floor. The golden tones in the interior decor and in the Eden Freestanding are exquisite and elegant, and yet they provide a relaxing feeling. The comfort is here to stay in this personal retreat.

An Illuminated Personal Oasis

Luxury Bathroom in White Tones and Golden Details Symphony Bathtub and Washbasin with Sapphire Mirror

Illuminated from the top to the bottom, this is a glamourous golden luxury bathroom. The blend of white and gold tones is a natural source of light which makes the soothing feeling flies through the room. The Symphony Collection is a remarkable bathroom piece of furniture to add to any bathroom decor. Your personal oasis will look complete.

A Harmonious Feeling

Luxury Bathroom in White Tones and Golden Details Symphony Bathtub and Washbasin with Sapphire Mirror

Full of charisma and personality, this is an amazing luxury bathroom. With a splendid contemporary feeling and sophisticated bathroom furniture (like the Tortoise Suspension Cabinet), the color palette assures the harmony in this refuge. The golden details are the touch of luxury you were looking for.

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