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Luxury Bathrooms: Stunning Black bathtub Ideas to Inspire You

Luxury Bathrooms has selected a few stunning black bathtub ideas to inspire you.

My favorite black bathtub comes first and is absolutely stunning. It’s name is Diamond Bathtub and was designed by Maison Valentina. This bathtub reflects the modern consumer’s desire for exclusive decor items,  maintaining the balance between the timeless values of decoration and utmost quality with an ever-growing modern vision. Every bathroom will get richer with this unique diamond.

stunning black bathtub

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My next item is Newton Bathtub also by Maison Valetina, a brand that I simply adore! This bathtub is a futuristic piece of furniture representing an outstanding moment of inspiration.

stunning black bathtub


I couldn’t resist to show you this stunning floating black bathtub. Vessel is a bathtub by Splinter Works that combined bathtub and hammock into one object, brings a perfect relaxing and peaceful experience for you. This bathtub is designed to be used in a wet room, suspended from the walls like ordinary hammock. The waste water released through the base into a floor drain. (A downpipe drain can also be installed if a wet room setting is not possible.)stunning black bathtub

My last black bathtub suggestion is a beautiful and stunning retro model. It has as very strong look but yet so bold, that would turn your bathroom into an extremely seductive place.

stunning black bathtub

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