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Master Bathroom Design: Inspiration from the Lapiaz Collection

Master bathroom design should be as luxurious and convenient as possible. You want to create a space ready for your relaxing moments and to take care of yourself. To help you get inspired in building your master bathroom design, we will show you master bathrooms that are sure to amaze you.


Master Bathroom Design

Special Participation from Lapiaz Collection

In this article, we will present you with a master bathrooms ambiance with the Lapiaz Collection, as a suggestion so you can be inspired to build your own private oasis. Don’t waste any more time! Take a look and enjoy our bathroom design ideas.


Master Bathroom Design in Neutral tones with golden details.This ambiance displays elegant furniture and luxury accessories in shades of white and golden. We can observe the magnificent Lapiaz Washbasin that adds a touch of luxury to this wonderful design. A modern master bathroom design is a perfect way to enjoy your relaxing moments.

Master Bathroom Design, this is the Lapiaz Washbasin.




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Master Bathroom Design with a magnificent green view.With a tranquil view of nature, this master bathroom design features a combination of contemporary and elegant pieces. The Lapiaz Bathtub is a standout piece that along with the Lapiaz Suspension Cabinet adds tremendous luxury to this ambiance.


New Washbasins



Master Bathroom Design, this is the Lapiaz Bathtub.



Master Bathroom Design with two freestandings and two mirrors.An example of elegant pieces that will add refinement to your master bathroom design. The silver fissure of the Lapiaz Marble Freestanding imparts a unique elegance to this space. A fantastic option to include in your own private oasis.





Master Bathroom Design, this is the Lapiaz Marble Freestanding.



Marble Bathroom Design in a neutral tones with golden details.This ambiance features a contrast between light and dark marble with a contemporary touch in the magnificent pieces present in the design. The golden details in the Lapiaz Freestanding together with the markings on the marble walls impart a high refinement to this luxury master bathroom design.

Master Bathroom Design , this is the Lapiaz Freestanding





Master Bathroom Design with two single washbasins and two mirrorsThis ambiance conveys an unparalleled luxury and refinement through its elegant pieces. It is fabulous how the Lapiaz Single Washbasin manages to mirror the luxury design felt in this master bathroom. A great suggestion to inspire you to build your own private oasis.

Master Bathroom Design, this is the Lapiaz Single Washbasin.




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