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This Master Bathroom Remodel Makes Everyone’s Delights

Have you been wondering how to create a luxury bathroom from scratch? This master bathroom remodel project might just guide the way for you. This project was conducted by interior designer Tammy Bolden, the principal and owner of Bold Interior Designs. The client in question was a couple who just had a pipe burst in their master bathroom, which completely destroyed the room. However, there’s a silver lining – the bathroom was already outdated, so this made for a perfect chance for the couple to have their master bathroom renewed.

master bathroom remodel
Photographer: Rayon Richards Interior Photography

Now, one of the first things you need to decide when starting any interior design project is what kind of style you want the room to emulate. When it comes to this master bathroom, the couple had different visions of what their dream bathroom would look like – the wife wanted a luxurious retreat (we can’t blame her) and the husband wanted a minimalist look. This presented a challenge for Bolden, who had to find a way to meet both clients’ wishes.


Maison Valentina Diamond Bathtub


Combining two different styles can be tricky. When done incorrectly – and especially when the styles requested are polar opposites, like glamour and minimalism – the room can look unorganised and like it didn’t have much thought go into it. Bolden managed to combine these demands through her choice in materials and fixtures.

master bathroom remodel
Photographer: Rayon Richards Interior Photography

To meet the husband’s demand for minimalism, Bolden installed floating vanities, with plenty of storage enclosed within a dark wood exterior, and sleek, stainless-steel hardware. The frame of the mirrors placed above the vanities, mirrors the chrome from the modern taps chosen, which makes the minimalist look come together seamlessly. As for the luxurious look that the wife wanted, Bolden decided to go for a three-dimensional, geometric glass tile that serves as a backdrop for the bathroom vanities.


Maison Valentina Koi Freestanding


master bathroom remodel
Photographer: Rayon Richards Interior Photography
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The floor, in its turn, was covered in a porcelain surface imitating natural wood in shades of grey and beige, which continued through the walk-in shower wall and bench. Lastly, Bolden used lighting to bring some extra glamour to the master bathroom. Along with the wall lights that illuminate the vanities, the designer went for a luxurious chandelier. In the end, the combination of glamourous and minimalist elements made for a modern yet luscious master bathroom.

master bathroom remodel
Photographer: Rayon Richards Interior Photography

Since the plumbing was able to be restored and the original layout was functional, Bolden constructed this bathroom around the original floor plan. The freestanding bathtub is the main focus of the renewed layout, standing right under the window, which gives it a naturally lit spotlight. The floating vanities were place on both sides of the bathtub, giving the room a pleasing symmetry. The shower, on the other hand, was placed on the opposite wall to the bathtub.


Maison Valentina Diamond Bathtub


The sleek looking freestanding bathtub was an answer to the wife’s commitment to keep a bathtub and the husband’s craving for minimalism – once again proving Bolden’s ability to meet two radically different requests. All in all, Bolden’s ultimate advice when you’re looking to combine two different styles is to try and use key elements of both, in order to convey both in a cohesive way and create your ultimate dream master bathroom.

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