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5 Neoclassicism Inspired Pieces for Your Bathroom

Maison Valentina Glimmer Mirror

Neoclassicism is the name given to western movements in the decorative and visual arts, literature, theatre, music and architecture that draw inspiration from the classical art and culture of classical antiquity, which surged in the 18th century in opposition to the Rococo style. Neoclassicism seamlessly combines traditional classic decor with modern twists, making for an outstanding, edgy yet extremely classy bathroom decor.

5 Neoclassicism inspired pieces for your bathroom

The standout characteristics of Neoclassicism are restraint, symmetry, sophistication and appeal to antiquity – classic décor is a fine mixture of noble decoration, high-quality materials, clear geometric shapes and a lack of impractical clutter.

Classic interior design strays away from bright hues. In interiors following Neoclassicism, serene, light pastel colours usually reign, radiating an atmosphere of calmness and affluence. The most often used colours are olive, beige, cream, light green and gold colours, which keep these luxurious bathrooms neutral and elegant.

Maison Valentina Koi Freestanding

Neoclassic design calls for natural or unique premium materials. Columns and pilasters are typically made of marble – when it comes to bathroom decor, so are the floorings. Lighting usually relies on crystal chandeliers and lamps composed of transparent stones or glass. Mirrors in massive gilded or bronze frames, wall lamps and chandeliers are granted to give your bathroom a unique charm and an extremely luxurious feel.

All said and done, we’ve comprised 5 superb pieces for any Neoclassic bathroom decor.

Venice Mirror

5 neoclassicism inspired pieces for your bathroomYou might have noticed this splendid mirror in the moodboard we used for inspiration above – it’s certainly hard to miss. The Venice Mirror is dramatic and enchanting, almost as if straight out of a fairytale. This statement bathroom piece has clear classic inspirations, but its irregular shape gives it a modern edge, making this mirror timeless through its intricacy.

Cristal Lazarc Surface

5 neoclassicism inspired pieces for yoru bathroom

Neoclassic bathroom decor just begs for a floor covered in marble. However, thanks to Maison Valentina you can have the look without all the commitment. This Cristal Lazarc Surface mimics a delicious caramel shade of marble, bringing a sense a warmth and luxury to any bathroom that’s lucky enough to have it.

Maison Valentina freestanding bathtubs

Draycott II Wall Lamp

5 neoclassicism inspired pieces for your bathroom

Inspired by the iconic Draycott Tower, the Draycott II Wall Lamp preserves all of its muse’s grandeur. With two delicate gold brass cut-out tubes encasing crystal glass columns, this exquisite piece of wall lighting is bound to make any bathroom decor look extra lush.

Lotus Vessel Sink

5 neoclassicism inspired pieces5 neoclassicism inspired piecesThe striking beauty of the Lotus Vessel Sink is undeniable. This lavish wonderful marble vessel sink with a scalloped edge fits right into any classic bathroom. As luck would have it, this wonderful sink is customisableMaison Valentina, its creator, allows you to choose from three different types of marble – however, we think this white Carrara Marble one fits a Neoclassicism inspired bathroom decor like a glove.

Babel Chandelier

5 neoclassical piecesLast, but definitely not least, the magnificent Babel Chandelier. With layers upon layers of delicate crystals enveloped in gold arches, this grand piece of lighting is fit for the most luxurious Neoclassic bathroom decor you can imagine.

By Rebecca Ferreira

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