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Privilege: a Residential Heaven Designed by Studia 54

Studia 54 is an interior design studio based in Moscow, that over the years has become known for its extremely luxurious projects. But don’t be fooled – this isn’t luxury as you’re used to knowing it. Studia 54 has a secret weapon that allows it so shine bright in an already packed constellation: their unique luxury formula.



The studio’s glamour mixes classic pieces with extremely modern ones and tops it off with the most stunning lighting fixtures you’ve ever laid your eyes upon. That becomes as clear as the crystals on the chandeliers placed in the residential project Studia 54 developed in the Privilege Residential Complex.


Privilege is a premium residential complex located along Malaya Nevka on Krestovsky Island – a widely adored spot in Saint Petersburg. This project unites two apartments of this exclusive residential complex and, apart from the outstanding decor, features floor-to-ceiling windows with sparkling ocean views that make it all the more luscious (as if it needed to be).


The living room merges with the dining room in a stunning open area filled with chic Minotti furniture, art pieces and Studia 54‘s signature: imposing chandeliers. The wood panellings intertwined with stringy lights make the room as cosy as it is beautiful – and the magnificently chosen upholstery doesn’t hurt one bit!


studia 54

Studia 54 has various unique talents, but one stands out: the studio has a way of combining minimalism and maximalism flawlessly. While the sleek, modern lines sustain a minimal view, the added details lean towards a maximal approach, which makes the design meet in the most perfectly balanced style we could imagine.


The bathrooms (yes, plural) in this project are covered in light and dark slabs of marble with wood inserts that add colour and warmth, topped off with pendant lights that will have you falling in love!

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