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3 Rules to Create an Excellent Eclectic Bathroom

Eclectic bathrooms,  and eclectic interiors in general, can be hard to figure out.  Eclectic, in the pure sense of the word, means combining ideas and styles from a broad and diverse range of sources. When it comes to interior design, that’s simply combining pieces and techniques from various styles and origins. Due to the variety of inspirations, interiors can go from eclectic to hectic awfully quickly, so we’re paving the way to success for you with three simple rules for the perfect eclectic bathroom design.

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This doesn’t have to be a guide only for those starting from scratch, this is also for those of you looking to incorporate pieces into your bathroom decor that you love, but don’t see how they fit into the visual story that’s already being told by the room.

Rule #1: Mind the colour gap



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Colour is one of the best unifying elements when it comes to interior design. Choosing key colours and varying in hue can make your room look automatically cohesive, even when working with pieces of various styles! A very well defined colour scheme is an eclectic bathroom‘s best friend! Play around with items within the same colour family that have some flair to them, such as this patterned Royalis Rug by Rug’Society.

Rule #2: Texture is terrific



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One of the best ways to create an authentic eclectic bathroom look is juggling different textures. It’s important to mention that texture isn’t just fluffy throws and blankets: texture is all around. The Koi Washbasin, by Maison Valentina, is a perfect example of a piece that is palpable just by looking at it, thus creating the illusion of added texture – as is the Yoho Stool, also by Maison Valentina. If you then go the extra mile and add some upholstery, you’ve got yourself a top-notch luxurious eclectic bathroom.

Rule #3: Have fun



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There is no better time to do everything you always wanted to do – design-wise – than when curating an eclectic bathroom. Use all the accessories your heart desires, if you’ve got a statement one, even better! It’ll act as a focal point for the room, making it look instantly more organized, allowing you to really go OTT on the bathroom accessories while maintaining a clean look!


If you’re still feeling a bit unsure on how to go about designing your own eclectic bathroom, fear not. A section of BRABBU’s 2020 Interior Design Book is dedicated solely to eclectic bathrooms and it will guide you through the process, showing some inspiration and telling you everything you need to know!


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