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11 steps to get a dream bathroom

Designing your dream bathroom calls for careful space planning, considering your needs and a sophisticated mix of materials, textures and proper lighting. Get expert tips for making your dream a reality. Luxury Bathrooms presents you with the 11 steps to get a dream bathroom.

11 steps to get a dream bathroom

1 – Think functionality

A bathroom, like a kitchen, is one of the hardest-working spaces in the home. It’s very important that it stays functional, otherwise, everybody suffers. Keep all of its functions in mind when choosing the sink, tub, shower, toilet and other pieces. Considering that the bathroom is a workstation for preparing for the day, you will surely need plenty of storage and easy access to openings.

11 steps to get a dream bathroom11 steps to get a dream bathroom

2 – Make it Relaxing

Although the most important aspect to consider when decorating a bathroom is functionality, this is definitely not the best of it. Nowadays, a bathroom can also be a sanctuary, in which, we relax and wash off the worries of the day.

11 steps to get a dream bathroom3 – Map the Space

It is essential that you plan the space and consider things like plumbing, which will impact where you place the shower, toilet and tub. So, I suggest you work together with the contractor and visualize all the tasks that will be done inside your bathroom to get ready for the day. Consider the length of your arm’s reach, for instance. Do you mind bending to retrieve store objects? Or should your storage be closest at hand? It might seem too much at first sight but it will surely make the difference in your daily routine.

11 steps to get a dream bathroom4 – Plan for Little Luxuries

A bath can be more than a simple bath. Would you like a seat in the shower? A steam room? Or simply a built-in storage for linens?


11 steps to get a dream bathroom
Newton Bathtub by Maison Valentina

5 – Choose a Theme

Think how you would like to feel when you’re in the bathroom. If you want a formal space, consider black-and-white scheme. For a casual area, try neutrals. The motifs usually associated with baths are water oriented. Seashells, boats, piers, blue hues and sandy beach colors are also frequently used.

6 – Reflect Your Favorite Style

Of course there are the traditional water oriented motifs. But it’s your space. You can think outside the box and choose something different. It can recall the city or country in which you live or simply love, a style of architecture you admire (classic English country or New England cottage) or a style that you’re personally attached to (bohemian or Asian?).

11 steps to get a dream bathroom

7 – Know your surfaces

When selecting products for the bath, such as tile or marble, be sure that you know the inherent qualities and the drawbacks of each material. Will the marble or tile stand up to heavy wear? (Watch out for veins in marble, which often indicate weak points.) Do you want a polished floor or more of a honed look? Shiny floors may become slippery while natural materials may have a pitted surface that is more slip-resistant, but may also collect dirt.

11 steps to get a dream bathroom

8 – Add Drama With Fixtures

Plumbing fixtures are the jewels of the bathroom because they’re metallic and can add a dramatic effect to any space, just like jewelry to an outfit. There are an endless list of finishes and styles offered by today’s manufacturers, from brass to bronze and all metals in between. Keep in mind your motif and maintenance as you choose your bathroom fixtures. Elaborate gold fixtures probably won’t jive with a beach-inspired bathroom and may also require more cleaning than you’re up for.

11 steps to get a dream bathroom
KOI Bathtub and KOI Freestands by Maison Valentina; Venice Mirror by Boca do Lobo; BRUBECK Wall Lights by Delightfull

9 – Be Careful With Lighting

Choosing the correct lighting is critical in the bathroom, where mirrors are present and mood is important. Consider the appropriate task lighting for sink and shower areas. Keep in mind that fluorescent lighting casts a bluish tint, as opposed to the yellowish radiance of incandescent bulbs. Combine blue wall paint and blue-hued fluorescent lighting and you may look like Frankenstein’s bride in the mirror.

11 steps to get a dream bathroom
MATHENY Suspension Light by Delightfull

10 – Mix Soft and Hard

Use small amounts of fabric to reduce the inherent harshness of many bathroom materials. Anything from towels and shower curtains to window treatments and small upholstered pieces, like a vanity stool, will bring a soft touch to a hard space.

11 steps to get a dream bathroomSee also: Zaha Hadid’s Luxury Bathroom Design For Porcelanosa

11 steps to get a dream bathroom

11 – Add a Touch of Mother Nature

Don’t forget to incorporate plants and greenery in the bathroom. The asymmetrical nature of growing things will help offset the bathroom’s many right angles and straight lines.

11 steps to get a dream bathroomSources: HGTV, Pinterest and Maison Valentina

11 steps to get a dream bathroom

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