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Stunning Bathroom Accessories Inspired By The British Craftsmanship

Maison Valentina Koi Mirror


Stunning bathroom accessories don’t have to be the popular mirror designs that everyone loves from Instagram or Pinterest, in fact, a unique masterpiece made with the best craftsmanship techniques can be the standout of your bathroom design. British craftsmanship is considered one of the ancient European treasures and is the base for some of the most incredible masterpieces created by modern master artisans and product designers. The Luxury Bathrooms team presents to you five incredible examples of British craftsmanship that can be the centerpiece of your luxury bathroom design. One thing is for sure, there is a bright future for Britain’s traditional crafts and techniques if luxury brandsassociations, and the government keep on funding incredible projects to raise the quality level of clothing, accessories, watches, jewelry, silverware and homeware designs, among others.

#1 Optical Light By Lee Broom

Stunning Bathroom Accessories Inspired By The British Craftsmanship
“Optical Light” by Lee Broom. Photo: ©Lee Broom

Lee Broom is one of the UK’s foremost product designers and a premium global design brand. With his highly innovative luxury furniture and lighting designs, his work is celebrated and retailed across the globe. This modern pendant light was inspired by Op Art graphics patterns and it is made from powdered coated spun steel and blown from opaque glass. The asymmetry of the black stripes are in contrast to the classic spherical shape of the globe and when viewed from all sides, Optical’s linear pattern changes at every angle.

#2 Last Splatter Stool By Max Lamb

Stunning Bathroom Accessories Inspired By The British Craftsmanship
“Last Splatter Stool” (2016) by Max Lamb. Created for Hem. Photo: ©Dezeen

Born in 1980 and Max Lamb is a British designer who combines traditional and ancient craftsmanship techniques with digital design. He is known for using highly uncommon approaches to natural materials, including pouring pewter onto sand, and volcanic rock. This modern stool designs where created by Max in 2006 and are made with enamelled steel.

 #3 Orchid Mirror By Laura Hart

Stunning Bathroom Accessories Inspired By The British Craftsmanship
Laura Hart’s “Orchid Mirror”. Photo: ©Laura Hart

Laura Hart is one of the best glass artists in Europe, known for her fine glass sculptures and functional glass tableware made in her studio in rural Cavendish. The master artisan is specialized in infused and kiln formed glass orchids, glass wild flowers and meticulously detailed fused and cast glass butterflies. Laura’s work brings several traditional glass making techniques together with the addition of sterling silver for anatomical detail as you can see in her famous mirror design called “Orchid Mirror” which was featured in the Financial Times, ‘How to Spend it Magazine’. Three Appaloosa phalaenopsis orchids are set on a delicate metallic stem circling this large round mirror.

#4 Jewels By Alison Lowry

Stunning Bathroom Accessories Inspired By The British Craftsmanship
“Jewels”. Photo: ©Alison Lowry

Alison Lowry is a glass artist from Northern Ireland that is considered one of the best European master artisans dedicated to glass sculpture. Originally from a textile background, Alison started working with glass and fell in love with it as an expressive yet challenging material. Nowadays, the master artisan specializes in the ancient glass casting technique of pâte de verre, and “Jewels” is one of her most famous masterpieces.

#5 Colision Risk By Amanda Simmons

Stunning Bathroom Accessories Inspired By The British Craftsmanship
“Colision Risk” (Gyrfalcon) by Amanda Simmons. Photo: ©Craft Scotland

Based in Dumfries and Galloway in Scotland, Amanda Simmons is one of the best European glasswork master artisans. The master artisan studied glass and architecture at Central St Martins School of Art in London and set up her studio near Castle Douglas in 2006. Currently, her work is influenced by research at Lyth Arts Centre in Caithness with scientists based at the Environmental Research Institute in Thurso. She is one of the most famous master artisans that represent the essence of British Craftsmanship.

Stunning Bathroom Accessories, British Craftsmanship,

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Stunning Bathroom Accessories, British Craftsmanship,

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Stunning Bathroom Accessories, British Craftsmanship,

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