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See Stylish Bathroom Ideas that Have Brass as the Main Decor Detail

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When it comes to interior design and decoration, brass is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after metals in the industry. This is mainly due to the fact that this material adds a minimalist touch and undeniable warmth to a space. It can also be contrasted perfectly with other materials and elements, such as concrete, marble and tiles. Today, Luxury Bathrooms will show you a half a dozen of bathroom ideas that feature brass as the main decor detail.


Written by Flávia Martins



This astonishing bathroom was designed by Vitaliy Yorov and Iryna Dzhemesiuk who combined different styles, forms and materials to create this contemporary design. Brass elements can be found on the wall lights, the Brubeck by DelightFull. This singular piece features handmade brass tubes that provide an Art Deco touch to this bathroom.



Brass details such as the taps and shower fixtures by Watermark Designs tie the decor of this stylish bathroom design that features a neutral color scheme.



The Koi washbasin by Maison Valentina completely enhances the bathroom decor of this set with its aged brushed brass base that contrasts perfectly with the Nero Marquina marble sink and countertop.



Styled in a minimalist mood, this exceptional bathroom features soothing lines and textures that are further enhanced by the presence of brass details, such as the custom-made stand by Peter Mikic, the wall light by Collier Webb and the taps by Lefroy Brooks.



If you were to add a more substantial design to your bathroom whose main element was brass, then we have the perfect solution for you: the Symphony Bathtub. This design of this tub was inspired by music and features gold plated brass tubes that give an unrivalled level of luxury.


See Stylish Bathroom Ideas that Have Brass as the Main Decor Detail 2


In this bathroom set, brass taps and shower heads add a sense of warmth to this modern and minimalist bathroom. In addition, a series of blue-grey toned tiles create a sense of calmness.


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