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Warm Up Your Luxury Bathroom Decor With Antonio Lupi’s Newest Project

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Any luxury bathroom decor should combine incredible bathroom furniture with luxurious details that will provide you the ultimate sensorial experience…For example, who could imagine that a bathroom design project could feature an incredible contemporary fireplace? Well, this is the latest design trend introduced by the renowned Italian bathroom brand, Antonio Lupi. Also known as “Il Canto Del Fuoco” which translated means “the fire corner”, this design project was the brand’s first attempt to master fire! Get ready because the Luxury Bathrooms team is going to tell you all about this incredible bathroom design trend!

Warm Up Your Luxury Bathroom Decor With Antonio Lupi's Newest Project

What happens when two opposites, like water and fire, are combined? A brand new design project is born to revolutionize the idea of the ultimate luxury bathrooms decor! “Il Canto Del Fuoco” is the new design project created by Domenico de Palo and the “maestro fumista”, Massimo Pistolesi, for the renowned Antonio Lupi brand. Thanks to this innovative collection of custom made bio-ethanol and wood burning fireplaces, the bathroom is becoming one of the most important parts of the house, just like any living space!

Warm Up Your Luxury Bathroom Decor With Antonio Lupi's Newest Project

Since they are built inside the walls, these contemporary fireplaces don’t occupy a lot of space of your bathroom design project. Supplied by renewable energy known as bioethanol,  “Il Canto Del Fuoco” explores the third dimension with a clean sharp cut and a constant movement of the surface.

Warm Up Your Luxury Bathroom Decor With Antonio Lupi's Newest Project

These innovative fireplaces designs by Antonio Lupi can be customized in multiple colors, finishes, and textures, according to your the material of your bathroom wall. No maintenance or cleaning is needed because clean emission can be turned on or off when desired.

Warm Up Your Luxury Bathroom Decor With Antonio Lupi's Newest Project

Its contemporary design contributes to create a dynamic and warm ambiance. The bending surface, that reminds you of a folded sheet of paper, is pulling back to the place where the fire is located. The bathroom fireplace was created with the intent to design fire as if it was integrated with the bathroom furniture that is in your design project.

Warm Up Your Luxury Bathroom Decor With Antonio Lupi's Newest Project

Using its know-how in furniture design, the Italian bathroom brand has created the “tailor-made fireplace”  expressly designed for luxury bathroom decor… However, this contemporary fireplace can also be fitted in any other context of your home decor.‎

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