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Washbasin Design Ideas: New Washbasin Collection

Washbasin design is fundamental for any luxury bathroom design. Many different washbasin designs can blend into an exquisite and luxury ambiance. If you are looking to add glamour to your bathroom, you must take a look at our new washbasin collection. These washbasin’s ideas are sure to meet your expectations and inspire you to create your own private oasis.

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Washbasin Design Inspirations for Your Own Private Oasis

In this article, you will see our new washbasin design collection. Enjoy these new washbasin designs and get inspiration to build your own private oasis. Are you curious to know what we have to show you? Go ahead, don’t waste any more time!

Baraka Washbasin Design

Washbasin Design 1.

Washbasin Design 2.

The combination of glossy black and gold-brass details transmits a unique elegance to this sumptuous washbasin design. The name of the Baraka Washbasin was inspired by an ancient word, meaning blessing. The Baraka Washbasin is sure to add glamour to any bathroom design.

Washbasin Designs 3.



Nazca Washbasin

Washbasin Design 4.

Washbasin Design 5.

A serene and comforting atmosphere is presented through the earthy color tones and the robust design of the washbasin. Nazca is the name of a tectonic plate, and this modern washbasin is a homage to the heartbeat of Mother Earth. A great inspiration for your dream bathroom.

Washbasin Designs 6.




Diamond Single Washbasin Design

Washbasin Design 7

Washbasin Designs 8.

This luxury washbasin is distinguished by its diamond-shaped oval structure and high-gloss black tone fused with golden details. The Diamond Single Washbasin is a design that creates a strong impact on any bathroom design. This product is able to add plenty of glamour to any luxury bathroom design.

Washbasin Design 9.


Shinto Washbasin Design

Washbasin Designs 10.

This magnificent washbasin conveys unparalleled elegance and authenticity, through its high-gloss black tone and design lines. The Shinto Washbasin is inspired by Shinto shrines, where sacred objects are kept unseen. This washbasin is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your bathroom design.

Washbasin Design 11.


How passionate are you about this new washbasin collection? Surely, you would like to have them in the design of your dream bathroom.

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