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Washbasins: How To Incorporate Them In Your Bathroom Design

Washbasins are necessary to bring a luxury ambiance to your bathroom design. These modern bathroom design washbasins are available in different design styles. The biggest challenge is knowing how to best incorporate a washbasin into your luxury bathroom design.

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Washbasins incorporated in bathroom designs to inspire you


There is a wide range of colors, lines, and materials that you can use for washbasins aesthetically. Here are some magnificent and modern washbasins designed for your own private oasis.


This bathroom designs includes the Petra Washbasin, Tortoise Mirror and Cross Grey Surface.

This bathroom design exhibits perfect harmony through its neutral color palette with golden details. As such, the Petra washbasin fits perfectly into this elegant ambiance and adds luxury and refinement to it. Let yourself be inspired by this wonderful washbasin design.

Petra Washbasin.



This bathroom design includes, the Nazca Washbasin, Koi Towel Ring and customized Koi Mirror.

This splendid Nazca washbasin in tribute to Mother Earth’s heartbeat, together with the brown tones and gold accents creates a comforting and relaxing environment. Perfect for relaxing after a tiring day.

Nazca Washbasin.





This bathroom design includes, the Lapiaz Washbasin and the Veneto Mirror.

This luxury bathroom design exhibits shades of black and white where the Lapiaz washbasin in white with polished golden brass grooves enhance its aesthetics and convey a unique refinement to the bathroom design. The ambiance the Lapiaz washbasin helps create in bathroom design is great for enjoying those intimate moments of relaxation.
Lapiaz Washbasin.



This bathroom design includes, the Symphony Single Washbasin, Eden Towel Rack, Glimmer Mirror.

This stunning bathroom design in black with golden details brings elegance and magnificence to the space. This Symphony Single washbasin with the golden brass pipes inspired by the church organs, adds a touch of luxury and refinement to this modern bathroom design. This bathroom is perfect for enjoying your intimate moments of relaxation.

Symphony Single Washbasin.



This bathroom design includes the Newton Washbasin, Tortoise Mirror, Koi Towel Ring, Tycho Wall Lamp and the Black Paramount Surface.

The Newton washbasin has a contemporary and revolutionary design. Its bright color tones create a strong impact in any bathroom. This modern and creative bathroom design fits perfectly with the Newton washbasin. One more suggestion to get inspired to build your own private oasis.

Newton Washbasin.



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New Washbasins Collection.


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