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How Dornbracht Gave A Modern Twist To A Classic Brass Mixer Tap

Dornbracht is one of the leading luxury design brands when it comes to bathroom design fittings and kitchen solutions, and accessories, are exceptionally compatible, giving you every opportunity to create the perfect combination of design, architecture, and comfort. Besides focusing on the quality of materials and workmanship, on unmistakable design and on functionality, Dornbracht also thrives on promises such as exclusivity and the expression of individual existence. The brand’s modern Meta collection is becoming one of the most popular ones yet, thanks to its versatility of styles and fun color elements. Find out more about these unique tap designs here and create the unique bathroom design project of your dreams!

Since the mid-nineties, Dornbracht has been initiating and promoting contemporary art and culture projects all over the world, with the aim of exploring its own cultural identity. Artists work freely in their particular genre on generously interpreted tasks in a series of projects on a particular subject, brought together under the name “Dornbracht Culture Projects”.


Released by Dornbracht in 1995, the simple single-lever brass mixer by Sieger Design gets even more refined. Also known as the Meta Collection, these incredible modern take on the classic brass mixer taps are the perfect way to make your bathroom project as much unique as possible!

How Dornbracht Gave A Modern Twist To A Classic Brass Mixer Tap

How Dornbracht Gave A Modern Twist To A Classic Brass Mixer Tap

The new updates to the Meta Collection modernize the classic style include an integrated aerator and finer spout. According to their website, the luxury brand‘s founder, Andreas Dornbracht defends that  “nowadays the Dornbracht brand signifies knowledge, ideas, and inspiration covering every aspect of the element of water. Architecture, lifestyle, design, technology and culture are the foundation for all this.”

How Dornbracht Gave A Modern Twist To A Classic Brass Mixer Tap

How Dornbracht Gave A Modern Twist To A Classic Brass Mixer Tap

Dornbracht‘ Meta Slim design sports a significantly thinner lever, while the Meta Pure design adds a progressive cartridge with a rotary control allowing the user to gently click between cold, warm, and hot. Besides its incredible functionality with modern design, these unique faucet collections can be customized in fresh new hues: yellow, light rose, and pastel green among them.


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