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Maison et Objet & IMM Cologne: The Highlights of January

Maison Valentina Glimmer Mirror

Maison et Objet and IMM Cologne have both officially come to an end. As the first interior design and furniture fairs to take place in the year, Maison et Objet and IMM Cologne usually set the tone for the trends to be followed that year. Although there weren’t a lot of bathroom dedicated brands present, the ones that did make it there made a real splash and gave us enough inspiration and bathroom ideas to get us through the year.

This year, the bathroom design trends were defined by some of our favourite bathroom accessories and furniture designers, ones you might be familiar with as well. They all presented stunning contemporary designs while making a point to keep it fun, either with subtle colours or striking details (we don’t wanna give anything away, but there’s some marble coming). So without further ado, here are the best moments of this year’s Maison et Objet and IMM Cologne, which are going to stock you up on new bathroom ideas.

Antonio Lupi


Both in IMM Cologne and Maison et Objet, Antonio Lupi displayed some of their state of the art bathroom furniture. The brand is known for its custom materials, among which Cristalmood, a hardened resin that allows for furniture to look see through yet saturated in colour and with a mesmerizing shine. These coloured bathroom accessories allow Antonio Lupi to create its monochrome bathroom interior designs that, in their own right, have become a staple for the brand. Antonio Lupi is used to presenting dashing modern bathroom furniture designs, that prioritise clean lines, and it didn’t fail to deliver at this year’s fairs.


Maison et Objet & IMM Cologne

Maison et Objet & IMM Cologne




Maison et Objet & IMM Cologne


Ex.T, in its turn, only gave us the honor of seeing them at Maison et Objet. The italian heritage brand also prizes for cleaner bathroom furniture designs, but don’t confuse a simple design for a simplistic design. Even though their pieces are fresh and understated enough to fit into any bathroom, they are far from dull. The products remain its intricacy through unexpected details throughout the design.


Maison et Objet & IMM Cologne


Maison Valentina Glimmer Mirror

Maison Valentina

Last, but certainly not least, is Maison Valentina. Maison Valentina gave us a treat and then some. Not only did they display completely different pieces at Maison et Objet and at IMM Cologne, they had their products displayed by some of their partner brands as well. At IMM Cologne, Maison Valentina graced us with their stunning Symphony freestandings, a top notch piece of bathroom design that draws inspiration from church organ tubes. These dashing freestandings were paired with the imponent Colosseum mirror that has a LED frame all around it.

Maison et Objet & IMM Cologne


Maison Valentina Diamond Freestanding

At Maison et Objet, Maison Valentina showcased in its own stand – which was technically BRABBU‘s – the superb Petra bathtub accompanied by its namesame towel rack and the Metropolitan washbasin. The look was topped off with the Stiletto bench, an incredibly elegant piece of upholstery and the highly detailed Kumi mirror.


Its partner brands, on the other hand, namely Luxxu and Covet House, showcased Maison Valentina‘s Darian collection – made in collaboration with Luxxu – paired with an oval Shield mirror, and the Lapiaz bathtub accompanied by the suspension cabinet from the same collection in conjunction with the Diamond towel rack, respectively. All of the curated pieces are absolutely stunning – at least in our opinion – and would upgrade any luxury bathroom even further.


maison et objet & imm cologne

maison et objet & imm cologne

maison et objet & imm cologne


What did you think of these bathroom ideas? What were some of your favourite pieces? We’d love to know!

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