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Outstanding Luxury Bathrooms That Defy Standards

Bathrooms used to be the place to simply have a quick shower or a quick visit. Fortunately, that concept changed in the modern times and bathrooms are now a place to spend quality time. If you are fond of what challenges the boundaries of design, please take a look at the following outstanding luxury bathrooms that surely defy all standards.

Outstanding Luxury Bathrooms That Defy Standards

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The people who shaped the 21st-century homes describe the modern-day bathroom as a “cocoon”, a “retreat” and a place in which to linger and luxuriate. And while other, more public parts of the home have become showpieces designed to impress your dinner guests, the bathroom remains your own private sanctuary.

Even within the luxury page there are some standards, be it the lines or colors. However there are some brands that are trying to do something. They are trying to bend and break these standards by defying them. The following images are filled with amazing designs that challenge what is quoted as normal.

Outstanding Luxury Bathrooms That Defy Standards

Kaldewei’s Cleopatra Bathtub is an item that defies everything that is called normal. It recalls the beauty of one of the most enigmatic women in history, the light of whose indomitable charisma has not dimmed through the ages. This piece represents glamour, beauty, but also a tendency toward the dramatic and making grand gestures.

Outstanding Luxury Bathrooms That Defy Standards

The Corpo bathroom collection by Italian designer Henry Timi is carved out of natural marble with fine perfection, designed to maintain an appropriate balance between natural and modern elements. The striking edges of these bathroom fixtures seem to recall natural rocky terrain of any beautiful landscape.

Outstanding Luxury Bathrooms That Defy Standards

A simple yet exquisite shape that invokes nature and its main features. This graphite marble shelf, designed by Iosa Ghini from MGM, enhances the beauty of any washbasin which characterizes the bathroom.

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Outstanding Luxury Bathrooms That Defy Standards

Defying laws of physics, this piece of furniture represents a remarkable moment of inspiration. The Newton Bathtub by Maison Valentina is a piece of international desire that distinguishes itself from all the other designs by its unique form.

Outstanding Luxury Bathrooms That Defy Standards

The Tape collection by MyBath is the balance between functionality and nonchalance, between tradition and avant-garde. Tape is a composition of white and dark graphite. A set of contradictions designed to send shivers down the spine. It is a collection thought for those who are constantly seeking for new experiences.

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