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Grande Interior Design: Great Bathroom Ideas For 2021!

Grande Interior Design is an award-winning global brand that prides itself in delivering the best and most luxurious designs in the market. Founded by Matthew Li and Maggy Cheung in Hong Kong, this company works across a range of residential, commercial hospitality, F&B, and mixed-use projects that simply impress anyone who comes across them. Follow along as we present to you the great Grande Interior Design!


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Grande interior design and their Versatility

The spaces they create combine aesthetic and lifestyle with functionality and sustainability.  By speaking with the client and through research and bespoke looks, each project they made are unique and adaptable to each client.

High-end home design

High-end home design by Grande interior design

Matthew Li interior designs are stylish, thoughtful, creative, customised and cost-effective. He also believes that each project should represent the individual client’s own interests and lifestyle.

Maggy Cheung is alongside Matthew Li one of the responsible for the creation of Grande interior design. Her style is minimalist and at the same time, energetic and inspiring.

For her, the bounding between the interior designer and the client is very important, so during the project, the mission is to make the client thinks of this as a journey of inspiration.

1.High-end home design by Grande interior design-Butler Towers

High-end home design

This project has a Contemporary European Style. The owners reached out to grande interior designs because they wanted to refine the space according to their lifestyles. In the living room and dining room, we can see a soft and light palette that shapes a European cosy.


2.High-end home design by Grande interior design-The Carmel

Nothing says High-end home design like a resort theme house. The owner requested a place where he could relax after a busy schedule. To archive this, a white and wood palette was chosen to give the idea of a bright and Relaxing Resort-like Living Space.


Maison Valentina Newton Bathtub


High-end home design


Besides, family time is a very important part of this household so most of the furniture stays by the wall. By doing this, the room looks spacious and the family has more space to spend quality time together.


3.High-end home design by Grande interior design-Dynasty Court

Since the owners wanted to display all their favourite art pieces, the design used a white palette to emphasize all the pieces of art. In this project, they rearranged the areas to cope with the lifestyle of the owners. The dining and the living area stayed next to the kitchen and windows.


High-end home design


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We can see the high-end home design even in the bathroom with the luxury tiles and the wooden sauna. Since the owners prefer a sauna over a bathtub, the designer put a mini sauna area in the bathroom.


4.High-end home design by Grande interior design-Grand Deco Tower

High-end home design


Grand Deco Tower is located at Tai Hang and has breathtaking scenery. The challenge here was to create a space that despises the low ceiling would seem spacious. The style is modern but minimalist. Some of the most high-end home designs are minimalist and we definitely can prove this by showing you the amazing bathroom with a spacious bathtub.





5.High-end home design by Grande interior design-One Mayfair

One Mayfair is a Mature Design Concept with a Voguish Sense. In this project, the walnut is the key tone of the design combining with a lot of black space.


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High-end home design

Even in the bathroom, we have some walnut elements that provide a unique style to this bathroom. At the same time, the designers had to provide a space that was suitable for two kids.


6.High-end home design by Grande interior design-Pokfulam Gardens

High-end home design

The owners cherish the time being with family so they designed large living space. At the same time, it gives a sense of spaciousness and open plan. The designer used the nordic design, so apart from nordic furniture, they used elements such as wood, white and grey.





7.High-end home design by Grande interior design-The Masterpiece

The masterpiece– A Bold Choice of Colours on Top of Grey Tone for a Modish-French Living Style. The living room and the bathroom was readjusted to fit into the different lifestyles of the two owners.

High-end home design


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To add a french style some elements such as mirrors and reflective elements appear through the house. The design uses a bold choice of colour combining with grey as the main tone.


8.High-end home design by Grande interior design-Harbour Glory

Harbour glory has an amazing view of the Victoria Harbour. Inside the apartment, we can enjoy a calming aura that comes from the interior design style. The wave pattern wallpaper recreates the chilling ocean view on top of the earth-tone palette.

High-end home design

Besides, by combining multiple elements and materials, our designer builds up a luxurious atmosphere in the apartment. Besides enriching the design, they also help separate areas of the apartment, making it neat and comfy.





9.High-end home design by Grande interior design-La Cresta

The owner requested a modern design with a warm touch and so grande interior design provided this amazing space. White plain help to make a modern apartment look brighter and more spacious.


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High-end home design

The wood elements and wooded furniture helps to give a sense of warmth and nature to the apartment. Apart from that, blue and metal elements are added on top of the grey and white palette as a highlight and add a warm touch to the design.High-end home design-La Cresta



10.High-end home design by Grande interior design-Clear Water Bay

High-end home design

The house owner wanted to get the feel of a relaxing American living experience while living in a rural area. Different zones of the house are well-separated but the glass was applied between each zone to give a connection. Besides, a plain palette creates a strong sense of simplicity.


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