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Luxury Bathrooms: How to turn an average bathroom into a spa oasis

Luxury Bathrooms will guide you regarding how to turn an average bathroom into a true stunning spa oasis.

Whenever you go to a spa, you feel a huge relaxation, especially in the “wet” areas. You may think that that is only because of the water, but that’s not the only element making magic.

Luxury BathroomsOn their own, hot tubs and saunas are not necessarily harmonious-looking. It’s the colors, textures, lighting, and lack of clutter that make spas feel like spas. Also, smell and sound give spas their distinctive atmosphere.

Luxury BathroomsBut the reality is that we spend more time in our own bathrooms than we do at spas. On one hand, it’s in our bathrooms that we get ready for your daily routines. But that’s also the place, in which we recharge our batteries at the end of the day and have the time to treat ourselves.

Luxury Bathrooms

You can either install new tile or simply opt for some smaller details to make the difference and make an bathroom feel more like a luxury spa.

Luxury BathroomsYou can start by making toiletries part of the décor. Then, clear toiletry clutter, purge old and expired toiletries. Find some matching glass or china cups or jars and fill them with your go-to toiletries, like cotton swabs and soaps. Then tuck away the rest of the packages in closets or cabinets. Make a “no plastic bottles on the counter” rule.

Luxury Bathrooms

My second suggestion is to paint the bathroom walls in a neutral color palate. Bright colors are stimulating; neutral colors are more relaxing. Sophisticated, nature-inspired colors, like greys, greens, and blues, are also neutral. Avoid glossy paint; stick to eggshell finish paint.


Next, upgrade the linens and shower curtain. Adding a white washed linen shower curtain gives the room a feeling of serenity. Shower curtains take up prime real estate in bathrooms. The right color and texture can lighten, brighten, and harmonize the space; the wrong color or pattern can make the room look plain and dark. Fluffy matching towels, and a high-quality shower curtain made of natural fibers can transform any bathroom setting into a spa-like retreat.

6a-brockton-house-by-cecconi-simone-image-25-luxury-white-sink-bathroom-and-towelsAt last and very simple, add some textured decoration items for the last touch.

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Your opinion is also very important to us. If you have more suggestions on how to turn a bathroom into a stunning spa oasis, please send as Message.

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