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Upgrade Your Bathroom Design With Karl Lagerfeld’s Marble Designs

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As a way to honor Karl Lagerfeld, the former creative director of the French luxury fashion house Chanel, let’s remember his luxurious marble collection that surprised everybody back in 2018. This incredible luxury designs can easily fit a luxury bathroom project inspired by the Art Déco style!

Upgrade Your Bathroom Design With Karl Lagerfeld’s Marble DesignsThe iconic Lagerfeld was also the creative director of the Italian fur and leather goods fashion house Fendi. Last year, he presented his first ever exhibition of sculptural works at Carpenters Workshop Gallery in Paris. Tables, fountains, and mirrors are among the marble objects being presented in the show, called Architectures. This unique luxurious exhibition was developed with the help of the renowned architect, Aline Asmar d’Amman.

Upgrade Your Bathroom Design With Karl Lagerfeld’s Marble DesignsEach piece of this monochromatic collection was carved from a carefully selected block of rare Arabescato fantastic (a vibrant white marble with dark grey veins) or black Nero Marquina marble.

Upgrade Your Bathroom Design With Karl Lagerfeld’s Marble DesignsAccording to Lagerfeld all of the furniture designs were improvised in order to respect and highlight the natural beauty of the luxurious marble. When questioned about the creative process of this unique masterpieces, the designer explained that he passionate about “things that aren’t planned. The process is not as premeditated as you think. I’m totally improvised, I improvise”.

Upgrade Your Bathroom Design With Karl Lagerfeld’s Marble Designs“The ensemble materializes the perfect balance of classical foundations with a present-day vibe, like modern mythology. Shifting between the antique and the contemporary, the icons of classics and the finest present skills, the black and white architectonic creations embody Karl Lagerfeld’s timeless monochromatic style,” said Carpenters Workshop Gallery about the luxurious collection.

Upgrade Your Bathroom Design With Karl Lagerfeld’s Marble DesignsFor every design that he has ever created the famous designer always search for inspiration in antique artifacts such as Greek Architecture. He believed that the antiques were the “origin of beauty, culture, and modernity”.

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