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Bathroom Design: A focus on Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom design can be upgraded by simply using evident and striking bathroom accessories. The bathroom, a space that deserves our full attention when creating a design, is a room where we want to feel like we are in our own, private retreat! Full of personality and luxury, these accessories can create the bathroom design you are looking for. Let’s dive in!

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Bathroom Design Accessories


  1. Choose a Statement Mirror

Statement Mirrors can be stylish additions to your bathroom design! Either ornamented and dramatic or simple and unique, these mirrors will certainly add luxury to your bathroom.


elegant and luxurious bathroom mirror with luxury washbasin


This Louis XVI Mirror is a stunning piece that adds elegance and luxury to this bathroom design. Complete with black details, the embellishments of this item are extremely interesting. Not only that, but the golden aspects in the Baraka Washbasin and the gorgeous Draycott Pendant Suspension Lamp, create a magnificent design that is very chic.


oddly-shaped mirror with black details


This bathroom design includes an oddly-shaped mirror that adds interest to the room, while the wooden and marble surfaces perfectly balance one another. This elegant and refined bathroom is perfect for a relaxing day!


  1. Use Greenery in your Design

Using plants in your bathroom design can easily turn your bathroom more comfortable and elegant. This growing bathroom trend is one that is easily applicable in any bathroom, big or small.

bathroom with wooden details and plants


This stunning bathroom design really represents a connection to nature. From the wooden details to the potted plants to the pops of green here and there, this bathroom certainly looks comfortable and luxurious. Including a soaking, white bathtub, standing in front of a green-tiled statement wall, this design really is soothing, perfect for a day of repose.


black bathtub with stool and vertical garden


The freestanding Darian Bathtub and the Armour stool, along with the skylight, create a lush bathroom space. Heavily influenced by this vertical garden, this bathroom design presents the opportunity for relaxation and peacefulness in your private oasis.


  1. Include Luxury Rugs in your bathroom Design

The addition of a rug can easily make a bathroom feel luxurious, comfortable, and perfect for your private, guilt-free ‘me time’.


golden bathroom with mirror, washbasin and rug


This marvelous design includes the McQueen Wall Lamp, the Diamond Single Washbasin, and the Blaze Mirror to create a luxurious design. However, the addition of the incredible luxurious Imperial Snake Rug by Rug’Society creates a pleasant and relaxed space that will be perfect for your time of repose.


black bathroom with golden details and rug


This stunning design also uses a stunning, luxurious rug that completely elevates the room. The combination of the Black Ink Rug by Rug’Society in this design allows for the details of the Symphony Washbasin and the Eden Towel Rack to break through the dark palette of the room. With a moody and luxurious design, this really is a soothing bathroom oasis.


  1. Choose dramatic lighting

The choice of dramatic lighting for a bathroom can create a refined and luxurious space, primed for your self-care.


white bathtub with pendant lighting


This opulent design includes the Cannonball Suspension Lamp by DelightFull. Endowing this room with an explosion of luxury design, this item is the perfect addition to your bathroom. Accompanied by the marvelous Diamond Bathtub in white, this is a bathroom that will definitely cause an impression on the onlookers.


white bathroom with golden chandelier


This white bathroom easily incorporated this elegant, baroque chandelier in its design. The white bathtub with the clawfeet and the use of marble and statues create an eclectic design while the addition of the chandelier endows luxury to the entire room. Definitely an equable design, this bathroom is gorgeous.


  1. Use Metallic Touches

Last but not least, the usage of metallic touches in your bathroom furniture and design can create a luxurious room that is neatly finished.


bathroom with golden mirror and black and gold washbasin


This bathroom design displays the McQueen Round Mirror and the Symphony Single Washbasin. The perfect additions to create a metallic look in your bathroom, these items are handcrafted luxury at its pinnacle.


black and white bathroom with gold acessories


This airy design also uses metallics but in a much more subdued fashion. The golden of the mirror and the taps, combined with the pulls of the drawers create a simple yet luxurious look that completely upscales this bathroom. Perfect for relaxation, this design is an inspiration to have in mind for your next bathroom renovation.


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