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Mokka Design: An Intense Experience in Bathroom Projects

Maison Valentina Silk Vessel Sink

Mokka Design, founded in 2004, seeks to unite a strong sense of passion with an incredible commitment to excellence, always striving to deliver the best and most powerful designs, producing bespoke, elegant and inspiring interiors. This company is 100% dedicated to each and every one of their projects, having that way conquered a loyal client base that has never failed to recommend their intense and incredible services! Their works are scattered around the world, with residences in Miami, Cape Town, Cap Antibes, New York, Moscow and London. Their style, although timeless, is still more connected to the classicism of the contemporary design style. Their dedicated team is set on completing all their projects in a way that is satisfactory, creatively crafting unique experiences.

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This dazzling bathroom is a perfect example of the studio’s masterful designs that are intense in every way! The contemporary lines of the washbasin, the lights, all contribute to an amazing display of taste and incredible talent! Its simplicity is what truly turns this bathroom into a timeless and iconic project that manages to not only impress, but also bedazzle!

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Mokka Design: An Intense Experience in Bathroom Projects

This intense design by Mokka Design is exactly what their style is all about! Glamorous, elegant and incredibly unique, this design is fierce, an intense experience that will appease all the senses of those who lay on this amazing bathtub.



Mokka Design: An Intense Experience in Bathroom Projects

The studio’s usage of various materials in its designs also makes them stand out in a market filled with uninspired usages of those same materials. From marble to stone, they can adapt them all into incredible projects that will amaze anyone who comes across them! The example above perfectly proves their mastery in creating imaginative bathrooms with appealing colors, shapes and marble!

Mokka Design: An Intense Experience in Bathroom Projects

The gold in this design is simply stunning, perfectly mixing with the stone washbasin and beautifully contrasting with the whiteness of the room’s walls! How can one deny the studio’s prowess when it comes to bespoke bathrooms?

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Mokka Design: An Intense Experience in Bathroom Projects

Once again, Mokka Design proves to be intensely unique with all its fantastic usage of patterns to complement a bathroom look! Choosing silver elements to award it with an ingenious sense of dazzling glamour!

Mokka Design: An Intense Experience in Bathroom Projects

How do you feel about their designs?

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