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Colourful Bathroom Ideas: Inside Noé Prades’ Forest

Colourful bathrooms have been all the rage in the past few seasons. Even though white bathrooms are timeless, and black bathrooms are also finding their place in the sun, colourful bathrooms are revealing themselves to be an interior design staple, turning an often considered practical room into one that’s just as fun and exciting as the others. However, they aren’t done as often, and so it can be hard to know how to go about it. This project by Noé Prades perfectly showcases how a colourful bathroom should be done.


Noé Prades is a spanish interior designer known for combining the fundamental ideas of minimalism with an eclectic essence. His projects stand out for their contrasting styles, often conjugating opposite currents – classic and modern, exotic and geometric. The ultimate goal of his designs is to awaken emotions within those that experience the projects and to take those same subjects on a voyage through the pieces of furniture chosen.

Nature is also a strong influence in his creative style, as it has a powerful history. This influence can be noted in the interiors he designs through textures, paintings, furniture and, of course, plants.

Maison Valentina Lapiaz Freestanding

This inspiration from nature resulted in this breathtaking project named ‘Forest’, which emulates the vitality, strength and sensations that the are quintessential to a forest. This project, located in Barcelona, overlooking the Sagrada Familia and surrounding park – we’re not jealous at all, by the way – consists of two master bedrooms and bathrooms and an open space that combines the kitchen and living room. Even though the entire apartment is an interior design gem to admire, we’d like to focus our attention on the two master bathrooms – there’s no surprise there.


These two colourful bathrooms might just be the highlights of this beautiful project, even for those who aren’t as much into bathrooms as we are. The guest bathroom features walls painted in a vibrant, and yet calming, teal. The teal walls are covered halfway up with white textured zig-zag bathroom tiles, giving the room some extra dimension and making it even more visually complex without making it overbearing.

colourful bathrooms
Maison Valentina Freestanding Bathtubs

Noé opted for a modern washbasin, with a matte black sink and legs and a marble shelf which contrasts gracefully with the almost rustic stool next to it. The same concept was used in the shower, where a matte black minimalistic shower head and taps are combined with a wood stool, which can be used to hold toiletries  – and we highly recommend it as a bathroom accessory.

colourful bathrooms

When it comes to the bathroom in the suite, Noé went for a bright yellow – very similar to one of the colours included in Pantone‘s spring forecast: saffron – that’s granted to boost your mood the second you step in.

colourful bathrooms

This bathroom features the same tiles as the guest bathroom, and the shower and wooden stool combo as well, this time switching out the matte black shower head with a golden one, and the black washbasin gives place to a modern white washbasin with a white squared marble sink and sleek black legs. This incredibly colourful bathroom manages to stay chic while being extremely bubbly and uplifting.

colourful bathrooms

Are you feeling inspired to create your own colourful bathroom? Have you gotten some new bathroom ideas from this article? Let us know!

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