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5 Pieces to Revamp a Kids Bathroom Decor

Kids bathroom decor can be challenging: you want to make the decor fun and playful but… how fun can a bathroom be? Well, you’d be surprised. Aside from amazing furniture pieces designed for the dreamiest of humans that you can incorporate into the bathroom decor, there are bathroom staples out there perfect for those adorable wide-eyed people.

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That being said, here are five incredible pieces that are granted to inspire you to revamp your kids bathroom decor.

Fantasy Air Chest by Circu

5 Pieces to Revamp a Kids Bathroom Decor5 Pieces to Revamp a Kids Bathroom Decor

The perfect kids bathroom decor begs for a fun storage piece. This Circus luggage-inspired cabinet will introduce the concept of wanderlust to the little ones, making them dream about distant, foreign lands and travel the world within the wide limits of their spectacular imagination. All in all, this Up (2009) inspired chest combines practicality with a dreamy design – what else could anyone ask for?

Diamond Towel Rack by Maison Valentina

5 Pieces to Revamp a Kids Bathroom Decor5 Pieces to Revamp a Kids Bathroom Decor

There’s nothing kids hate more than being bored. Luckily for you, this towel rack is anything but boring. With a beautiful base of white marble shaped after a diamond, this stunning Maison Valentina towel rack will make the delights of younglings and grown-ups alike, making it the perfect accessory for a kids bathroom decor. Plus, it features 3 separate brass arms, so you have plenty of hanging space.

Chameleon Mirror by Circu


For once, the mirror mirror on the wall is actually the fairest of them all. Intricately detailed, silver-plated and finished with iridescent varnish – shifting between blue and green – this Disney-inspired transcending mirror is any kid’s dream, turning any Grumpy into a Happy. If there ever was a way to make a kids bathroom decor feel absolutely magical, it’s through the Chameleon Mirror.

Diamond Three Hole Mixer Tap by Maison Valentina


When pondering your kids bathroom decor, don’t settle for the typical plain mixer tap. Instead, go for something with a little twist that’ll make hand washing and teeth brushing feel like playtime – you can thank us for that later. The Diamond Mixer Tap by Maison Valentina features a beautiful sleek faucet with diamond-shaped handles, all finished in a whimsical shade of rose gold – perfect for any kid who cites “princess” as their dream job.

Animal Stools by Circu


Created to hopefully inspire kids to become friendly with animals, these charming velvet stools are as adorable as they are comfortable. Available in a bird, elephant and shark version, all in pastel colours, these lovely stools can be incredibly useful in a bathroom setting and help set the stage for a playful environment.

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