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Surfaces and Suspension Cabinets: ATO Collection by Maison Valentina

Maison Valentina Diamond Freestanding BB_Book2020

It comes as no surprise to avid readers that Maison Valentina is one of our favourite bathroom brands. Apart from all of their stunning bathroom furniture, like bathtubs, washbasins – freestanding and otherwise – casegoods, bathroom mirrors, lighting, upholstery and anything else you can think of finding in a luxury bathroom, Maison Valentina also has an ATO Collection.

The ATO Collection – which stands for Assemble to Order – groups four product categories: Vessel Sinks, Taps, Surfaces and Suspension Cabinets. According to Maison Valentina, the ATO Collection “is perfect for small changes”, whether in your own bathroom or in contract and hospitality projects. Basically, this collection supplies you with products from four different categories in order to allow you to mix and match essential bathroom pieces and create a bathroom space according to your identity as a designer, without the need for complex or structural redesigning.

Due to the large variety of products offered by the ATO Collection, this article will be split into three parts: one dedicated to Surfaces and Suspension Cabinets, and two others dedicated to Taps and Vessel Sinks respectively.

So let’s dive right into it! Up first, we have Surfaces. As the name might suggest, these products are meant to cover bathroom surfaces – whether that’d be walls or floors, including shower walls, since the surfaces are treated to be water-resistant. Created from a blend of digital graphics and handmade techniques, these stunning customisable Surfaces have the ability to transform a bathroom’s ambience, giving it added dimension and elaborateness. As part of its ATO Collection, Maison Valentina offers 10 different Surfaces, all of which in semi-neutral to neutral shades, empowering you to keep your bathroom design extremely sophisticated.


Abism Jellyfishato collection part I

The Absim Jellyfish Surface is a perfect example of a peaceful fusion of digital and handpainted artwork. Emulating a marbled texture, this noir surface with a jellyfish theme all throughout it brings an underwater feel into any luxury bathroom in the most elegant way.

Agatha Lotus

ato collection part I

The Agatha Lotus Surface is an art panel inspired by both the Agate stone and its vibrant, bright colours and the beautiful, delicate shape of a Lotus flower. This astonishing surface makes use of acrylic colour assortments and resin materials which are combined to produce this authentic bathroom design gem.

Maison Valentina Koi Bathtub

Black Agatha

ato collection part I

Maison Valentina‘s ATO Collection presents yet another striking surface inspired by Agate stones. The Black Agatha Surface mimics the natural pattern of Agate stones, with white and grey hues, giving a subdued luscious look to any bathroom.

Black Paramount

ato collection part I

Created with two aluminium sheets with a polyethene core to resemble a grand piece of sumptuous black marble, the Black Paramount Surface grants any bathroom instant opulence and mystery.

Bronze Rust

ato collection part I

The Bronze Rust Surface is the ideal choice for those of you who value a warm and cosy bathroom above anything else. This caramel toned art panel with dark chocolate streaks, echoing real stone, makes any upscale bathroom feel ten times more homely.

Cristal Larzac

ato collection part I

This remarkable surface is inspired, as you might have guessed, by the French Larzac Desert. Representing marble in neutral golden and sand hues, with golden glitter details, the Cristal Larzac art panel really is destined to make any bathroom surface look as luxurious as it gets.

Cross Grey

ato collection part I

Conceived to mirror the well known Carrara Marble – which is also quite frequent in the ATO Collection – the Cross Grey Surface is the go-to if you’ve always wanted to have the classic all-marble bathroom. This dashing neutral marble look-alike surface is the perfect answer to any luxury bathroom decor dilemma.

Gold Onyx

ato collection part I

Inspired by the onyx used by ancient Romans and Greeks, this incredible visually textured golden pattern was designed, thus creating the Gold Onyx Surface. Onyx is known for bringing good fortune and helping in the release of negative emotions, making it the perfect solution for the personal retreat that is your bathroom – at least that’s what Maison Valentina wants it to feel like.

Smoked Honey

ato collection part I

With light honey shades, the Smoked Honey Surface from the Ato Collection grants a smooth and soft look to any bathroom. Its soft waves, imitating smoke, make it feel fluid and relaxing to look at. This is the perfect art panel for a gold decorated bathroom.

Snow Hanna

ato collection part I

The Snow Hanna Surfaces art panel depicts the soft and delicate figure of a woman’s back merged in a white and brown marble texture. This charming surface is perfect if you’re looking for a bathroom design that’s calming and feminine.

Apart from these dashing surfaces, and the other product categories we’ll approach later on, Maison Valentina‘s ATO Collection also features three gorgeous Suspension Cabinets. These amazing bathroom cabinets will allow you to make the most out of a small space by “floating” your vanity above the floor. A wall-mounted unit that provides a continuous plane of floor space that will make your bathroom feel bigger and expensive without over-budgeting! The Suspension Cabinets from the ATO Collection also offer plenty of storage room so you can store all your toiletries in style.



Suspension Cabinets


ato collection part I

Made from walnut root with brass hammered polished details, the Huang Suspension Cabinet brings a feeling of connection with nature and ruggedness into a bathroom design in the most graceful way. Inspired by the Huang mountain range in China, this unique piece of bathroom furniture confers instant character to any contemporary interior.


ato collection part I

Following the rest of the Lapiaz pieces, the Lapiaz Suspension Cabinet is inspired by the typical karst formations produced by the dissolution of limestone rocks. The gold brass tear in the Lapiaz Suspension Cabinet makes it standout statement bathroom furniture piece. The drawers of this breathtaking suspension cabinet are so discreet that they’re almost unnoticeable, making this a beautiful decorative piece as much as a practical one.


ato collection part I

Lastly, Maison Valentina‘s ATO Collection presents the Tortoise Suspension Cabinet. Combining high gloss black lacquered wood, polished brass, Yellow Triano Marble, Nero Marquina Marble and Anthracite Marble, this suspension cabinet could easily appear in the dictionary if you looked up “luxury bathroom furniture“. Inspired by the tortoise’s hard outer shell, this suspension cabinet is the perfect combination of superb design and foolproof functionality. The Tortoise Suspension Cabinet includes two spacious black lacquered drawers, as well as a lateral shelf, allowing you to maximize your bathroom’s space.

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