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Top 5 Luxury Bathrooms in Film

Cinema has the ability to transport us to the most whimsical places. Fortunately for us, among those places, are some staggering luxury bathrooms. It comes as no surprise that so many films have bathrooms as a major backdrop since the feeling they give off is probably more malleable than any other room in the house: they’re usually perceived as an intimate place, therefore, any emotion injected into them is bound to feel more intense, as we feel it closer to us.

Consequently, depending on the genre and mood of the film, a bathroom can be either an extremely scary, relaxing or sensuous room – and luckily for you, we have examples of all of the above.

5. The Shining (1980)


Despite its fairytale maze garden – original Grimm Brothers type of fairytale, though – the Overlook Hotel is hardly luxurious. There’s no denying that its tall ceilings and windows grant it an opulent aura, but the eclectic decor gives it more of a shabby chic look.  However, the bathroom in Room 237 tells a whole different story. This colour-saturated art deco inspired bathroom is easily a decor marvel, that could appear extremely bubbly, if not for Kubrick’s power to make every scene feel eery.

4. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005)


It’s hard to pick “the most magical moment” among a series dedicated to the wonders of magic. However, in our opinion, the moment the Prefects Bathroom appeared takes the cake. Located on the fifth floor of Hogwarts, this bathroom features a sunken swimming pool-like bathtub surrounded by taps that run a plethora of bath-water colours and soap that would make for the most indulgent bath. Unfortunately, we probably wouldn’t be password worthy. We can’t help but mention the gothic windows and stained-glass merpeople mural, as they don’t hurt this enchanted luxury bathroom one bit either.

3. American Beauty (1999)


Telling the story of a middle-age crisis that culminates in an unsettling crush on a teenager, many of American Beauty‘s scenes have a seductive undertone to them. In this pleasantly symmetric scene, Lester wakes up in the middle of the night only to follow a melody that leads him to his bathroom. In there, he finds Angela soaking in an imposing encased bathtub with a large shuttered window as a backdrop. However, what truly makes this a luxury bathroom, is not the incredible bathtub itself, but the luscious rose petal bath prepared in it. If that’s not the universal idea of the perfect me-time, we have no idea what is.

Maison Valentina Diamond Bathtub


2. Marie Antoinette (2006)


Dedicated to one of the most iconic figures in French – and global – history, Marie Antoinette is no stranger to astonishing classic interiors. Nevertheless, the spotlight is on the amazing luxury bathroom that graces the palace. With gold ornated walls, a patterned tiled floor, and a now antique gold side table, this sumptuous bathroom is the epitome of classic luxury. The cherry on top, however, is the sleek curved lip freestanding bathtub in starling white, that make this luxury bathroom timeless.

1. Scarface (1983)


The pick for first place was clear as water. In 1983’s Scarface, Tony Montana’s master bedroom includes possibly the most decadent bathtub seen on the big screen: surrounded by a soft cream carpet, a multitude of gold decorative pieces, grand marble columns and overlooked by a spectacular chandelier, this giant sunken marble bathtub takes centre stage in Tony’s room –  facing the TV, of course. Tony Montana was, after all, a lord – even if not the most legal kind – and this luxury bathroom was a perfect fit for him.

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