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Nicole Gottschall’s Interiors: 3 Ingredients for a Whimsical Design

Nicole Gottschall is one of the top Swiss interior designers right now and has been for a while. She has been in the front row of her company’s leadership for over 20 years and, in that time, has turned herself into an interior design household name.

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Go Interiors, Nicole Gottschall‘s company, aims, through its projects, to harmonize the interaction between spaces and the people who they were created for. Go Interiors makes a commitment to create emotions and curate a space that feels like home, no matter what the place is. Nicole Gottschall fundamental principle is conceiving an area that radiates “vitality, joy and emotional well-being” – and that becomes clear when you see the company’s projects.

Nicole Gottschal Enchanting Interiors
Credit: Go Interiors

Gottschall is a firm believer that good living equates to feeling good, hence her – and her team’s – relentless effort to create spaces that bring out a blissful feeling within the ones they’re intended for. In the company’s own words, they strive to create a “personal world that is not just sensible but sensual“.

Nicole Gottschall enchanting interiors
Credit: Go Interiors

So, how is this accomplished? Nicole Gottschall, first and foremost, is guided by what the client desires. Through her deep knowledge of furnishings and lighting, Nicole manages, time and time again, to create a delightfully brand new interior concept that somehow feels familiar.


Nicole Gottschall Enchating Interiors
Credit: Go Interiors

A fundamental piece of the puzzle is the extensive use of raw materials – such as wood, marble and natural wool softgoods – Nicole Gottschall crafts interiors that can only be described as the perfect modern blend between contemporary and whimsical fairytale-inspired design. These raw materials grant her projects the comforting atmosphere they’re known for.

Nicole Gottschall Enchanting Interiors
Credit: Go Interiors

Natural and wild motifs are also a common occurrence in Nicole Gottschall‘s designs. Often through deer ornaments, Gottschall makes broad use of this sort of rugged rustic decor in order to convey a feeling of homeliness and cosiness. These embellishments bring to life the enchantment we so greatly admire in Nicole Gottschall‘s projects.

Nicole Gottschall Enchanting Interiors
Credit: Go Interiors

Finally, the belle of the ball in these vamped up rustic designs is the neutral colour palette. The sober and understated colours allow the natural decorative elements to shine and their soothing hues envelop you with the fantasy the decor creates.

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