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Taps: ATO Collection by Maison Valentina

After a Part I full of luxurious bathroom goodies, we’re here to showcase for you Part II of Maison Valentina‘s ATO Collection. This time, taps get the spotlight. There’s no bathroom without taps, they are a crucial element of a bathroom‘s major purpose: hygiene. However, by looking at taps as just something you obligatorily have to get for your bathroom, you’re doing yourself and your personal sanctuary a huge disservice.

ATO Collection

Taps can be a key element of your bathroom‘s decor – don’t settle for dull or lifeless taps, pick one that ties into your decor while it also ties your bathroom together, one with details that speak to you.  Luckily for you, all the taps from the ATO Collection by Maison Valentina are available in various finishes, such as gold-plated brass, nickel-plated brass, brushed brass, brushed nickel, aged brass and more, so you can customise your plumbing according to your own vision and design style.

Since these taps are part of Maison Valentina‘s ATO Collection, you can take the full plunge and assemble the taps with the ATO Collection‘s Vessel Sinks, Surfaces or Suspension Cabinets, all of which are absolutely lavish. So, without further ado, here are the 12 extraordinary taps from the ATO Collection.

Bourgeois Two Hole Mixer Tap

ATO CollectionThis charming classic faucet is absolutely timeless, guaranteed to retain its beauty and luxury over time. With a handle on each side and a bubbling and narrowing effect throughout it, this tap is granted to make the delights of those who love a good throwback.

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Diamond Three Hole Mixer Tap

ATO CollectionThe Diamond Three Hole Mixer Tap from the ATO Collection is a spectacular sleek built-in mixer tap. Its minimalistic and chic look makes it fit like a glove in any contemporary luxury bathroom. Despite its stunning clean lines, the Diamond Three Hole Mixer Tap maintains its edge thanks to it Diamond handle shape.

Origin Three Hole Mixer Tap

ATO CollectionThe Origin Three Hole Mixer Tap is a dashing modern built-in mixer tap. The simplicity of this tap’s design is where its brilliance lies – its curved smooth design makes it fit for all sorts of bathroom styles, from classic to modern, from minimalistic to eclectic.

Nau Three Hole Mixer Tap

ATO CollectionInspired by Portuguese Nau ship, this long slim curved tap with matching curved handles from the ATO Collection is the perfect addition to any countertop or sink, giving it historically charged elegance and glamour.

Diamond Wall Mixer Tap

ATO CollectionFor those of you who feel in love with the Diamond Three Hole Mixer Tap, rejoice! The ATO Collection by Maison Valentina also contemplates the Diamond Wall Mixer Tap as its mirrored wall tap version, and it looks just as impressive.

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Flow Wall Mixer Tap

ATO CollectionThe Flow Wall Mixer Tap is an extremely elegant wall mixer tap whose modest design allows it to match seamlessly with any washbasin, freestanding or vessel sink. Its metal base with a side by side tap and handle makes it a stand out piece in the most subtle way.

Origin Mounting Floor Mixer With Hand Shower Tap

ATO CollectionThis beautiful contemporary mounting floor mixer tap is the ideal pairing for a deluxe bathtub. Its freestanding functionality and sleek design, as well as the variety of finishes available, allow it to be a perfect fit for any luxury bathroom.

Nau Mounting Floor Mixer Tap

ATO CollectionTo the likes of the Nau Three Hole Mixer Tap, the Nau Mounting Floor Mixer Tap is inspired by the grand Portuguese ship, the Nau, and that same grandeur is translated into this stunning mounting floor tap. With two columns securing a lovely curved faucet, which, in its turn, opposes the hand shower, this contemporary tap is a luxury bathtub‘s best friend.

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Bourgeois I Mounting Floor Mixer Tap

ATO CollectionThis Bourgeois I Mounting Floor Mixer Tap from Maison Valentina mixes the striking look of a classic extremely detailed and convoluted tap with the modern element of the long straight line legs that turn it into the hyper-functional mounting floor tap it is. The mixture of both classic and modern lines turn this piece into a timeless masterpiece.

Bourgeois II Mounting Floor Mixer Tap

ATO CollectionIf you appreciate a playful, retro hand shower, but prefer a simpler tap, the Bourgeois II Mounting Floor Mixer Tap and your bathroom are a match made in heaven. This marvellous mounting floor tap has a clear classic design root to it and yet doesn’t look outdated thanks to its sleek lines. Like all the other taps in the ATO Collection, the Bourgeois II Mounting Floor Mixer Tap has a plethora of finishes available. However, if you’re aiming for the lush country-side cottage look, we highly recommend the aged brass finish.

Origin Mounting Floor Mixer Tap

ATO CollectionOrigin I Mounting Floor Mixer Tap is a staggering modern floor mixer tap. This streamlined stand-alone mounting floor tap from Maison Valentina‘s ATO Collection is a quintessential piece for any luxury minimalistic bathroom.

Origin II Mounting Floor Mixer Tap

ATO CollectionSimilarly to the Origin I, the Origin II Mounting Floor Mixer Tap fits seamlessly into any upscale bathroom with its neat lines and flat handle, blending in and claiming attention, all at once.

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