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Modern Bathroom Ideas: The Trending Biophilic Design

Modern Bathroom Ideas are focused on a monochromatic color tone, clean lines, natural materials and elements, and natural light. Currently, there is a trend that it’s impossible to miss: the Biophilic Design. Biophilia stands for “a love of nature” and that approach is nowadays applied in interior design, and luxury bathrooms are no different.

The Trending Biophilic Design

Modern Bathroom Ideas and Biophilic Design imply the way architects and designers incorporate nature into building spaces and their interior designs. Focused on contributing to the health and well-being of occupants, the bathroom designs will include – for example – plants, green or aqua walls, a window view, and the use of more organic materials.

The goal is the contact between human beings and nature incorporating organic and natural elements, and culture and ecology. Indeed, the inclusion of biophilic elements will make the ambiance more productive and healthy which constitutes a major factor in the bathroom decor. Why? The luxury bathroom is our personal sanctuary to relax and reconnect with our sensations.

A Vertical Garden

Modern Bathrooms The Trending Biophilic Design Darian Bathtub Wood Materials Nature

Featuring a vertical garden and organic elements like wood and natural light, this bathroom design by Maison Valentina is modern and refined and, of course, so warm and inviting.

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A Garden In Your Closet Room

Modern Bathrooms The Trending Biophilic Design Closet Room Symphony Vanity Table Nature

Enriched by a golden vanity table by Maison Valentina, this closet project is also highlighted by a vertical garden that offers a more natural and connected ambiance. Perfect to prepare your day calmly and perfect to receive you after all the rush from the daily routines. What an oasis!

An Organic Bathroom

Modern Bathrooms The Trending Biophilic Design Black Bathroom Darian Collection Natural Elements Darian Pedestal Sink Darian Towel Rack

Inserted in a bold interior with a stone irregular wall, the organic element in this bathroom design is endless. Very mysterious, sophisticated, and practical, this luxury bathroom is such an astonishing private oasis completed by an astonishing garden wall that enjoys a splendid skylight.

A Wood Wonder

Modern Bathrooms The Trending Biophilic Design Nazca Suspension Cabinet Wood Material Neutral Tones Gold Details

With a brown interior design that makes us feel connected with Earth which is an important feature in the biophilic design, this modern bathroom is completed with a stunning wood bathroom suspension cabinet with a marble countertop. Comfortable, and elegant this modern bathroom idea is splendid.

An Aqua Wall with Potted Plants

Modern Bathrooms The Trending Biophilic Design Symphony Bathtub Aqua Wallpaper Plants

With a splendid aqua wall combined with bathroom decor in neutral tones, this luxury bathroom is enriched by nature’s presence and features a harmonious bathtub by Maison Valentina. What an incredible place to relax and enjoy moments of serenity.

The Natural Details

Modern Bathrooms The Trending Biophilic Design Newton Bathtub Natural Elements Gold Details

With bathroom furniture by Maison Valentina that constitutes an extraordinary statement, this modern bathroom idea is very functional and comfortable. Indeed, the potted plants and the vertical garden give an extra touch of elegance to this bathroom design.

An Aqua Wall Bathroom Enriched By a Window View

Modern Bathrooms The Trending Biophilic Design Symphony Pedestal Sink Green Wall Gold Details

Blessed with natural sunlight, this bathroom design idea is very welcoming and relaxing. With an aqua wall to make the biophilic design bloom, even more, this guest luxury bathroom is enriched with its surprising golden details.

A Minimal Approach With A Vertical Garden

Modern Bathrooms The Trending Biophilic Design Diamond Towel Rack Nature Elements Spa Ambiance

Even in a minimal approach, accessories are a sophisticated way to make the room even more functional and with a soothing ambiance. Moreover, the consideration of including a vertical garden in this white-toned bathroom design is really a plus! The bathroom decor gains extra elegance.

The White and The Green Tones

Modern Bathrooms The Trending Biophilic Design Petra Bathtub Petra Towel Rack Nature Plants

Inserted in a modern bathroom that considers organic elements like marble and wood in its bathroom furniture and accessories, the addition of potted plants adds a touch of finesse to this bathroom idea which is completed by the sunlight from the window.

A Bathtub As A Centerpiece With a Vertical Garden

Modern Bathrooms The Trending Biophilic Design Darian White Bathtub Nature Elements Leather (1)

With a centerpiece white leather bathtub enriched with golden accents by Maison Valentina, this luxury bathroom feels like a spa. With a floor assembled with little white stones which are perfectly blended with this splendid vertical garden, this modern bathroom has such a glamorous biophilic design.

Modern Bathroom Ideas can be an astonishing way to be inspired and make your bathroom design ideas be more related to your wants and needs. Your luxury bathroom is your personal oasis, the place for intimate moments with no rush.

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