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Bathroom Inspiration with Greg Natale

Bathroom Inspiration comes from living and experiencing the World, and acts as a response to our wants and needs to have a place to refuge and enjoy quiet and peaceful times in order to recharge energies and relax from the rushing hours of the day. Our luxury bathroom can be as efficient and practical as it is elegant and exquisite, and it is this combination of factors that highlights the interior design. Bathroom furniture is really relevant to consider, but so it is accessories, surfaces, colors, and materials. When it comes to bathroom designs, comfort and a welcoming ambiance are always important to be considered.

Greg Natale Inspiration and Work

Bathroom Inspiration with Greg Natale interview The Dawes Point House

“As a creative person, I am always looking forward to the next thing that I can contribute to an exciting collaboration, a new interior project, or a beautifully designed product.”

Greg Natale has a unique work full of charisma, and personality. With an accurate focus on sophistication, his designs are stout, colorful, and filled with luxury. Natale is an award-winning Australian designer, who that owned a company in his name since 2001. With already two interior design books displaying his exclusive style: “The Tailored Interior” (2014) and “The Patterned Interior” (2018), he is currently working on a third book “The Layered Interior with Rizzoli” that will be out on September 2022 with a collection of his most recent projects.

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Bathroom Inspiration with Greg Natale Luxury Bathroom Modern Touch Bright Colors The Dawes Point House Closet Inspiring
A splendid closet design by Greg Natale at the Dawes Point Project. This interior design blooms with finesse and elegance and as everything in its place to offer comfort and functionality.

As Australia’s top firm, but also an international reference, Greg Natale Designs offers a complete design service, from architecture, exterior, interior design, and decoration. In an interview, Natale mentioned that the first five years in the business, and the building of a portfolio, as well as coming up with the best team are really challenging. Nevertheless, he says that the hardest part is now when everything is already established, and the actual and main focus is building up his products. Since Natale’s work is mostly residential, he has a huge contact with social media, since he can connect directly with his audience, and expose new projects.

Bathroom Inspiration with Greg Natale Luxury Bathroom Modern Touch Closet The Dawes Point House
With unique use of materials and surfaces, the entrance of this main bathroom in the Dawes Point Project by Greg Natale is from another World. So refined and luxurious.

The Dawes Point Project Ideas

Interior design is always changing, adapting, and improving, and that’s why Greg Natale mixes the best trends in a perfect balance with his signature. In the Dawes Point House Project, he uses pink tones which is a color trend that, along with the color red, is here to stay. Moreover, he affirms that mint greens are the new neutrals, because of the calming and the mixing with other colors.

Bathroom Inspiration with Greg Natale Luxury Bathroom Guest Bathroom Modern Touch The Dawes Point House
These terrazzo-style surfaces in the Dawes Point Project luxury bathroom are so perfectly blended with the elegance and the finesse of the bathroom vanity. Comfort and exquisiteness is not missing in this bathroom decor.

When it comes to materials, they are also influenced by trends and several treatments with glass appear to be trending. Fluted glass is still popular, with reeded to ribbed finishes, and curves to triangulate. Even more, glass blocks can offer several patterns in the glass which gives a sophisticated look to partitions, and windows.

Bathroom Inspiration with Greg Natale Luxury Bathroom Modern Touch  The Dawes Point House Bathtub Relaxing
The use of these types of materials continues and the warm and inviting feeling in this personal oasis by Greg Natale is hard to describe with words. The relaxation ambiance is so incredibly combined with elegance and sophistication. This master bathroom in the Dawes Point Project is so highlighter by the window view as well.

These mentioned treatments feel like the ’80s are back, however, the ’80s were influenced by the ’30s decor style. So, the Interior Design continues, and one trend comes after another, but Greg Natale believes that the interior design will make its turn to a more sustainable touch: vintage pieces will continue to be used, and new furniture will use renewable and recyclable products.

A Little Bit More of the Dawes Point Project

Bathroom Inspiration with Greg Natale Luxury Bathroom Modern Touch The Dawes Point House Bathroom Vanity Set Two Mirrors

This bathroom vanity set in the Dawes Point Project is astonishing. The mix of materials and colors is really inspiring and offers us a sense of belonging and relaxation. Of course, elegance and glamour are not missing in this Greg Natale’s design.

Bathroom Inspiration with Greg Natale Luxury Bathroom Modern Touch Bright Colors The Dawes Point House

Another splendid bathroom set in the Dawes Point Project with another astonishing combination of materials and utilities. The mirror, the illumination, the vessel sink, the taps, the storage in the vanity, everything is assembled to enrich this private refuge and to offer us time to reconnect with our sensations.

Bathroom Inspiration with Greg Natale Luxury Bathroom Modern Touch  The Dawes Point House Bath Space Great Ambiance

A luxury bathroom is not complete without a bath space. In this particular one, Greg Natale assembled a walk-in bath, but with an incredible sense of refuge. A space where the only sound allowed is the harmonies of the water.

Inspired By This Look

Bathroom Inspiration with Greg Natale Petra Bathtub Bath Space Relaxing Ambiance Maison Valentina

Featuring a splendid Petra Bathtub by Maison Valentina, this bath space looks like a refuge just like the previous walk-in bath inspiration. The neutral tones give us a soothing ambiance so we can enjoy really long bath is such a comfortable and elegant bathtub.

Bathroom Inspiration can be an incredible asset when we are looking to add a different touch to our luxury bathroom. In this article, we presented some of Greg Natale’s ideas and one specific project and we hope it was inspiring!

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