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Sing to The Tune of Beata Heuman’s Melodic Interiors

If cotton candy was a room, it would’ve been designed by Beata Heuman. Beata Heuman is a born and raised Swede with outstanding talent when it comes to creating bubbly and playful interiors.


By combining characteristics of the so admired Scandinavian design style with an eclectic flair, Beata Heuman manages to create interiors that feel straight out of a children’s book while maintaining a modern and mature edge.


Sing to The Tune of Beata Heuman's Melodic Interiors

The Beata Heuman Studio has a completely holistic approach when it comes to their work, taking part in the design of all the aspects that constitute interior architecture and design and designing loose furnishings as well. Gathering inspiration from its clients – the places they’ve visited, what inspires them – Beata Heuman‘s studio creates interiors that feel as though your sweetest dreams have come to life and swept over your home.


The studio has curated both residential and hospitality interiors, as was the case of three Farm Girl Cafe locations in London. With her unique crisp and cheerful touch, you feel as if you’re stepping into your favourite childhood film as you step into these cafes. Her ability to not take herself, or her work, too seriously works wonderfully in her favour – and that of whoever finds themselves in the presence of her designs.



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Plot twists are not often found in poetry – not written poetry at least. However, the visual lyricism of Beata Heuman‘s interiors is filled with twists and turns that add a unique interest to them. Beata‘s designs march to the beat of their own drum in such a way that they cannot be pinned down as part of an existing design movement – they are a design movement within themselves.

“Every room should sing!”


There’s no denying the clear eclectic and Scandinavian and even classic influences, however, Beata Heuman creates interiors almost as one creates a collage: bringing together elements from a plethora of sources and carefully laying them down, always adjusting the layout, the edges and the overlay until a sort of flawed perfection is achieved.

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