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3 Ways to Add Splendour to Small Bathrooms in NYC

Making small bathrooms feel opulent can present itself as a daunting task. Our typical notion of what a sumptuous bathroom is consists of a room that spreads as far as the eye can see, adorned with lavish lighting pieces hanging off high ceilings and imposing bathtubs that claim their own large piece of territory.

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However, sometimes less is more: opulence doesn’t have to be all about grandeur. In fact, opulence can take the shape of a sophisticated and well-crafted bathroom accessory, or an exquisite essential piece. It all comes down to refining the choices you inevitably have to make in order to build a solid bathroom. Here are some practical tips on how to go about finessing a small bathroom, which might be especially useful for those looking to decorate a small New York apartment:

Choose elegant accessories




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The importance of bathroom accessories is not to be underestimated under any circumstance, but it is important to note that, when it comes to small bathrooms, they’re can make it or break it. Accessorizing a small bathroom properly can be challenging, as the room can feel cluttered very easily. The secret is to stick to the essentials – and make the essentials incredible.

While we would normally suggest using the walls as much as you can in a small bathroom, we think that occupying a bit of floor space with this astonishing Diamond towel rack does far more good than harm. Geometric, modern pieces like this up the luxury level exponentially, especially when crafted out of marble.

Add metallic accents



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Precious metals are a luxury bathroom classic. Even though you might not want a bathroom that looks straight out of an Indiana Jones movie, adding small metallic details will do your bathroom wonders. These details can be translated into a soap dish, wall lighting, or even the plumbing itself! Nevertheless, we highly suggest the Sapphire Mirror. Its metallic brim made out of cornered polished brass encases a jewel-shaped mirror – the best way to add a bit of luscious drama to small bathrooms.

Maison Valentina Koi Mirror


Go for exquisite bathware


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Bathware is absolutely essential for a bathroom to fulfill its purpose. Since you have to get it, you might as well get items that stand out and add a flare to your bathroom. When it comes to small bathrooms, you can really make a difference in the atmosphere of the room with tiny changes in bathware, especially considering it’s something your eye always gravitates towards.

The Koi Rectangular vessel sink and the Lapiaz Marble vessel sink are stellar examples of pieces to invest in as they offer a unique twist to your bathroom counter. And this one comes with an additional tip, even if well-known: mirrors are small bathrooms‘ best friends. Pair a spectacular vessel sink with a large mirror and you’ve got yourself an upper echelon opulent small bathroom.

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