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Terrazzo: a Tantalizing Decor Trend

To the window – to the wall! Terrazzo is everywhere, and for good reason. Terrazzo has been an ongoing – and on-growing – trend for years now, right when it seems to die down, it pops back up fresher and brighter than ever!

Project by Maison Valentina
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But what is Terrazzo? Well, traditionally, it consists of marble chips scattered and embedded in concrete. This method is costly, laborious and doesn’t produce as much of a striking look as what we call Terrazzo today, which is, in fact, Marmoreal.

Project by dzek

Marmoreal, created by Max Lamb, is a material composed of a medley of marble flakes, vibrant and rich in colour, creating a pattern that might just be the visual definition of “eye candy“.  It surged, originally, as a type of floor tiling, but rapidly when on to climb up the walls and cover furniture, rugs, stationery and nearly everything else you can think of.

Project by dzek

Although not exclusive to that, Terrazzo is, without a doubt, more common in bathrooms and kitchens, as these environments require more resistant and humidity friendly materials. It works as a fuss-free, semi-permanent and fun way to add colour into a room and a particularly useful one if you have a small bathroom with no space for extra adornments.

Project by dzek

But what if you don’t want to compromise with a Terrazzo wall? After all, depending on the colour it can be a bit daring and is usually costly. Well, go for some Terrazzo accessories!

Rug’Society offers an obvious solution to your dilemma: the Terrazzo Rug. This lovable piece of tapestry has Terrazzo-like flakes scattering from its corner in warm shades, creating an incredible, almost three-dimensional, effect that would make any ambience feel flirty and soft.

Terrazzo Rug by Rug’Society

If that’s a bit too on the nose for you, you can go for a less obvious ode to the splatter pattern present in Terrazzo, such as the Oslo Rug, an understated, but nevertheless fun and gorgeous rug, that allows you to add a bit of texture to your decor without going off the rails.

Oslo Rug by Rug’Society

Not in the market for a new rug? No problem! What say you to a coffee table? The Ora Coffee Table by MADE is a wonderful way to bring this trend into your home without going over-budget or just over-doing it. Don’t feel tied down by its name, you can use this table for much more than just coffee – how about using it as a bathroom side table for your toiletries? The possibilities are nearly endless!

Ora Cofee Table, Terrazzo by MADE

We hope this article has inspired you to give this trend a try, whether through tiles, slabs or home accessories. Don’t forget that what matters is that you have fun with your design and that, at the end of the day, your decor brings you joy, play around until that’s the case!

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