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Spring Trends to Make Your Bathroom Flourish

Spring is finally upon us, and with it, spring trends! As nature around us transforms, an opportunity for our bathrooms to do so as well opens up. Here are the main spring trends for 2020 and some useful tips on how to incorporate them into your bathroom:



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The monochromatic trend has been around for some quite some time, and it does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon as it is one of the major spring trends for 2020. A monochromatic decor can feel soothing and comforting, and there’s no denying that it is very easy on the eyes!

Achieving this look is simple: all you have to do is stick to one colour! You can use slight hue variations, but you are not looking to create contrast. Keep it interesting by pairing different textures or adding small metallic touches, such as the ones on the Sapphire Mirror or the Lapiaz Freestanding.

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Coral Pink


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Pink is commonly associated with spring by default. However, this year, all the eyes are on coral pink. This warm shade of pink is taking the interior design world by storm, making the delights of various designers. A vibrant colour like this can instantly lift the spirit of a room, making it feel more playful and joyful.

A great way to incorporate this spring trend into your bathroom is through plumbing. Yes, you heard that right. A small touch of coral pink, such as the Diamond Three Hole Mixer Tap, instantly makes an impact and keeping it as a pop of colour makes this trend a timeless design statement.

Dusty Green


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Just like pink is associated with spring, so is green – the flower and the stem. However, turning away from the love shown to bright colours when it comes to the coral pink spring trend, we’re stepping into more unsaturated territory here. In 2020, the focus is on dusty green, a lovely shade of green that’s almost neutral due to its softness. This colour is a great option if you want to add colour without making it too garish.

Since it is such an understated colour, you can go ahead and just cover the walls in it! It looks absolutely lovely when paired with gold pieces – take for example this Origin Mounting Floor Mixer and the Symphony Bathtub, that just complement the green in the most beautiful way.

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Texture is one of the major spring trends for 2020. It doesn’t matter what kind of texture: fuzzy, rough, harsh, soft – you decide, you just got to have it. Finding ways to add texture to, say, a living room is easy: add some pillows and rugs and voilá! However, in bathrooms, it can present a bigger challenge. Well, not anymore!

The easiest way to add texture to a bathroom is to find pieces with embedded texture: it’s a one-and-done deal! This Crochet Washbasin is a great example! Its knit-like details grant it a lovely 3D texture, all while adding exquisite refinement.

Earth Tones


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Earth tones have been all the rage when it comes to decor, it’s no wonder they take part in this year’s spring trends! If you’re unsure about what “earth tones” are exactly, they are basically colours heavily present in nature, such as browns, blues and greens, and also warmer tones like orange and yellow. These colours have the power to bring a sense of cosiness to your room – and, for a bathroom, that means extra relaxation!

To add this trend to your bathroom decor, pick some earth-toned accessories – yes, the towels you put on display count as an accessory. After all, they’re part of the decor, aren’t they? You can also add wood inserts, as that immediately introduces an earth tone in the most natural way possible! To take it to the next level, pair these colours with nature-inspired accessories, like the Eden Towel Rack, with a pattern reminiscent of tree rings!

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